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Embracing Failure

Either you win or learn

Either you win or learn

I am sure you have heard the saying, that  “I never lose, either I win or learn”.

Losing is failure, and I am writing about embracing failure today because I have FAILED. In fact, I have failed so many times, it’s embarrassing.

Even worse, I have failed dismally, over and over again, huge failures that have cost me a lot in my life. I am talking about the kind of failures where you lose everything you have, and you watch years of hard work just down the drain, the kind of failures where you drastically have to downgrade your life, failures that if you really allow yourself to get deep into it will cause you to be depressed and just collapse into tears.

The kind of failures where friends have left, family members just do not want to hear, failure where you hit rock  bottom that the only thing to do is to be brave and start afresh.

Yea, I have failed. And as heartbreaking as failure can be at times, it teaches us lessons that winning does not.

Why We Should Embrace Failure

In failure are great lessons

Like I said, failure teaches you things that you wouldn’t have learned had you succeeded. It could be a lesson about you, or it could be a lesson about the journey or it could be a lesson about business. When you fail, without a doubt you learn something that you can carry with you forward, something that makes you a better person, something that you can apply in the future. Everyone who has failed at something becomes a little wiser because of that experience.

Failure forces you to grow

When you fail, you are forced to look at your actions, and the decisions that led to those actions. Also, you are forced to look into yourself, because while you take a knock because you failed, there has to be something in you for you to keep going forward.

It is in failing that a sharper, wiser and stronger you is sculpted. Life is about growth, it’s about evolving, and being stagnant is just not allowed. Failing at something sucks, there’s no doubt about that. However, in time you get to understand that as hurt as you may have been from the failure,its part of your journey, which you will celebrate one day.


Failure is a hard pill to swallow, but without it, the success wouldn’t be as sweet.

And if it was easy to accomplish the things we want to, we probably wouldn’t be as grateful. And though its had to deal with failure, it’s really just preparation for what is to come.

Embrace failure, recognise the chance to learn, get yourself back up and try again

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4 Things Happy People Never Do

Things Happy People Never Do

Things Happy People Never Do

Happy People Never Do These 4 Things

We all want to be happy, and as I delve into what makes people happy, I realise that happy people make it their intention to be happy. They do a lot of things intentionally that most people don’t do, things like practicing gratitude, meditating, practicing kindness, being loving, and more of the things that make them happy and serve others.

They also choose not to do certain things, negative things that take from them and making their lives less of what it should be. They don’t:

1.  Mind other people’s business.

The basis of their lives is not to get themselves into other people’s business. They don’t bother much with what others are doing, and they don’t compare themselves with others. They focus  on their own path, they focus on being better and they are their own competition.

Sometimes we make ourselves unhappy and insecure because we are too focused on what someone else is doing instead of focusing on our own lives, our own hustles. We are too focused on the noise out there, instead of  listening to our inner voices and what we need to be doing to get happier. So, stop comparing yourself with others, mind your own business and focus on getting you happier.

2.  Seek acceptance from others.

Happy  people don’t need someone else to approve of them for them to feel important or worthwhile. When you are happy being you, and you don’t need someones approval, and you don’t have the need to constantly compare yourself with other people, or the need to impress someone else, then you will be in a good space and more happier. Don’t subject yourself to the judgement of others, sure people will judge, you but their opinion of you is not something that you have to accept to get happy.

3.  Rely on other people to be happy

Happiness is within you, and not on other people or what you have or other external things. You need to get to a point where you give yourself permission to be happy, because you don’t need anyone else’s permission.

Your life is worth living, and it doesn’t depend on material things or in someone else, you can choose to be happy where you are and with what you have, right in this moment.

4.  Hold on to resentment.

We all have a past, and its not always pretty. Some of us have had people who have hurt us badly, who have taken things from us and who have done things to us that they shouldn’t have.

Don’t let your past have power over your today, over your right now, don’t be stuck in your past for you will never see the blessing  of today.

We’ve all been hurt by our own decisions and by others, the pain is normal, but we need to learn to let it all go, if you want a chance to ever be happy. Forgiveness is a gift that you give yourself, don’t hold on to the past and poison your tomorrow.

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