Jub Jub's Releases Music Video for Ke Kopa Tswarelo

Jub Jub’s Releases Highly Anticipated Music Video for Ke Kopa Tswarelo ft Tshepo Tshola

Jub Jub has released the music video for his smash track Ke Kopa Tswarelo. He wrote the song while he was still in prison, and South Africa only heard it when he got paroled in January of this year. It features Mzansi legend Tshepo Tshola.

The song is testament to what Jub Jub does best . . . music. The song is also his gift to his fans and South Africans and his way of saying sorry to the families of those that were affected when the accident happened.

The song is beautiful and the video is just as great. Most of the scenes are shot in jail, and there is a scene where Tshepo Tshopa goes to see him in prison with words of encouragement. I also loved it when he visits the graves of the kids that lost their lives, and at the end he releases white doves for each of the kids . . .

Jub Jub announced his video on social media . . .

Check the Ke Kopa Tswarelo Music Video below:

Good Morning SA!! ☺

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“Ke Kopa Tshwarelo” Music Video! ☺

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