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10 hidden tricks to get the most out of Facebook Messenger


How to get the most out of Facebook Messenger


With the acquisition of WhatsApp, many thought that Facebook’s messenger will fade away into oblivion. However, Facebook has been adding features, albeit slowly, that will make you want to use its messenger and we recommend you do so. If you don’t, you’ll be missing out a great deal. Read on:

Built-In Search Engine – Facebook Messenger has built in Bing image search. Yes, you heard that right! So if you want to send an image that does not reside on your phone then use Bing image search.

Standalone Website – Facebook messenger has a standalone website. Having two different websites is more sensible than having two different mobile apps. For example, you can keep chatting with your friends at work without the distraction of your news feed. It provides a minimal and clean interface.

Standalone Messenger – Independent of your having a Facebook account or not, the Messenger and all its features can be easily accessed through one’s contact number.

Pin Group Conversations – Chats with the same group can now be easily pinned for easy access thereby eliminating the hassle of scrolling. The conversation can be assigned a name as well as a group picture with great ease.

Mute Notifications – Any string of conversation can now easily be muted by simply tapping at the top of the message. It also allows the flexibility of the time span for which you want it muted.

Request for Uber – Facebook has enabled users to Uber their way to places through its messenger.  The request can be made through the ‘Transportation’ Tab under ‘More’ option. All details will be available to you like the Uber app.

Easy Pay options – Eliminating the need of any other pay apps, the Messenger allows you to pay your friends without any cash. Moreover the service is absolutely free of cost.

Share Photos with facial recognition – Messenger now has a Photo Magic feature which through facial recognition facilitates easier transfer of photos to friends. When turned on, the feature app notifies you to share photos on detecting a new picture with a friend in your camera roll.

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Sharing Locations – In tune with other messaging apps, the Messenger too facilitates easy sharing of the location or even search of a location, which can also be send over.

Easy Customization of message threads through emoji – The entire persona of the conversation thread can now be easily changed and given different looks for different people. During conversation, clicking on the friend’s name opens options for assigning nicknames, unique colors and varied emoji. Colors can change both the outlines of icons and the chat bubbles as well.

Facebook has recently come up with ‘M’, its very own virtual assistant. They claim that it can perform tasks that none of the others can do. We hope so too.

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