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10 Hottest South African Songs that slayed in 2015


Hottest Mzansi tracks that slayed in 2015

2015 was a great year for South African music. Some songs made us dance to no end, and made 2015 super amazing.

So, here is a list of the hottest tracks in South Africa 2015 that kept us dancing (in no particular order):

Black Coffee featuring Nakhane Toure - We Dance Again

Black Coffee featuring Nakhane Toure – We Dance Again

We Dance Again is perhaps for me the best song to come from 2015. Everything is just perfect, the beat, the vocals . . . everything is godly on that track. But then again, it’s DJ Black  Coffee!

Dbn Nyts featuring Zinhle Ngidi and Trade Mark – Shumaya

Shumaya is one of the hottest songs in 2015. It’s rare to go to a party or to an event without this song being played. I knew this song was a hit when my boss kept bugging me about it, that I should get it for him (he’s not that kind of guy!).


Emtee – Roll Up

Roll Up is hot. Emtee burst into the scene and just left the competition in the dust. For a newcomer, he came in, made a lot of noise and made everyone take notice. Mzansi hip hop had no choice but to respect.

K.O Feat. Nandi Mngoma – Skhanda Love

Skhanda Love gave us a different side of K.O . . . we saw his romantic side, even if it was just a little. The love story that you see in this track is beautiful . . . and the power and chemistry of K.O and Nandi Mngoma on the song is undeniable. Great track, great video!

Nathi – Nomvula

Nomvula is just one of those beautiful romantic songs, that talks about the kind of love that most of us can only dream about. Nathi slayed on the song, the lyrics, the music . . . it’s all so perfect and that’s what we all fell in love with this song.

Fifi Cooper

Fifi Cooper – Kisses

I just love how Fifi Cooper burst on the scene with this song. It makes the list of the hottest tracks of 2015 because without this track, most of us never would  have known who Fifi Cooper is . . . not to mention that’s it’s a really dope track.

Junior Taurus, Lady Zamar, Odyssey 012 – Mamelodi

It’s hard to hear Mamelodi and not want to get up on your feet and dance. Until recently, I didn’t even know who’s song this was, I just knew that it’s in my list of songs that I like.

Riky Rick – Boss Zonke

Though Riky Rick dropped Boss Zonke in 2014, the song was still blazing in 2015. The video didn’t help, leaving fans crazy and wanting more from Riky.


Aka Feat. Burna Boy & Khuli Chana & Yanga – Baddest

Everytime you put AKA and Khuli Chana, it’s fire. The same can be said about AKA and Burna Boy. It’s no surprise that #Baddest is doing so well . . .

Major League Djz – Slyza Tsotsi

Slyza Tsotsi pretty much started a dance movement, with people doing their own videos. The track made so much noise, it just had to be on this list.

That’s my 10 hottest tracks for 2015, please share your fav tracks below.

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