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10 Reasons Why Men Won’t Commit to You


There is what is called “relationship material”, which is a term that can be said about a guy or a woman who is a great fit for a relationship. When it comes to women, that could be a great thing, because there are also labels that suggest that a woman is good enough for other things, but just not for a relationship.

Dating can be really tricky, and at times, women can get confused about what is going on in the “relationship”, and find that they cannot decode a guy. There might be things that can make a guy feel like he kind of wants you in his life, and things that will cause him to not want you as a girlfriend.

So, what are these things? What are these things that will make a guy not want to commit to you?

Reasons Why Men Won’t Commit to You

You lack long term personal goals – A stable relationship should be a sign that you also have your things together, that you are stable in your own life. If you are ready for that kind of relationship, it means that you have things together in your life, or you are in the process of doing that. Your own vision is really important, and it does not mean that you should have a plan with all the details to a tee, it just means that you have an idea of what you want to accomplish in your life, beyond knowing where you will be partying next weekend.

You treat your family members badly – In the beginning of most relationships, everyone is extra sweet to ech other. As Chris Rock says, in the beginning you don’t get to see the real person, you actually meet their representative. So, while you might be extra sweet to the guy in your life, if you are horrible to your siblings and you are busy snapping at family members because they did not do something that you asked, the guy in your life will wonder whats up with that. In his mind, if you treat your family badly, it means if he hung around long enough in your life, you will probably treat him just as badly.

You talk about marriage and children too quickly – sure, you thought you would be married at a certain age, and have at least one kid running around, but if you bring the topic of marriage too early, that will not sit too well with the guy you are with. The beginning of the relationship should be about having fun with the guy, and finding out if you are actually compatible with each other. If you are too focused on the idea of marriage and kids so early on, it shows how desperate you are, and that’s not a good thing.

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Playing around, when things are supposed to be a little serious – If you are now dating the guy, and you are playing stupid games, playing hard to get, being unavailable and flirting with other okes just to make the guy in your life jealous, that might actually be bad for the relationship. If he is dating you, then at least some of the games have to stop.

You are irresponsible with money – being irresponsible with money shows some sort of immaturity. Sure, you are free to spend your money the way you want, but it should be with reasonable limits. If you do not have your money situation together, it means that you probably have other areas of your life all over the place as well, and you are not as stable as you should be.

You are high maintenance – if a guy starts feeling that dating you is a job, that’s not good at all. Sure, the guy you date should be able to do nice things for you, and spoil you now and again, but the constant demands of gifts or money, the way you want him to call you 5 times  a day and requiring lots of attention from him will not end up well for that relationship. A good relationship means that he treats you good and you treat him well. It should not just be one-sided, and it should not be obsessive.

You are insecure – just like you want a guy who is confident and secure in his own skin, he also wants a woman who is confident in her own skin. Insecurity will definitely spoil whatever you may end up having, so find a way to get that self-esteem high up. Get comfortable in your skin, because if a guy decides to date you, he must like you.

You don’t have your own life – meaning, you don’t have a lot going for you. Guys are interested in women who have a life of their own – a career, things you like to do, your own friends etc. This means that you will not wait all day waiting for the guys call, you will have things to do and your life will not revolve around a guy.

You are too messy – Your car, your place and your actual person (clothes, hair) reflect you. If you are too messy, that is not flattering. That says that you are possibly lazy, and you just do not take pride in yourself and how you look. That is a turn off, and reflects poorly on your character.

Sex – It’s no secret that guys love sex, and there is always this thing that if you give it up too quickly it might spoil things. While I think that women should not be too quick to give it to a new guy, making him wait for 2 years is a bit much. If a guy likes you, if he is into you, I don’t think when you give it up matters much. So be you, do what makes you feel comfortable. I think if he likes you, he will like you anyway.

If you can avoid these things on this list, then you will be closer to getting the man of your dreams. If you are a great catch, it will be that much easier for you to have a great guy approach you and want to commit to you.

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