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10 Signs that You Are Not Over Your Ex

There are different ways we process a broken relationship, or should I say a breakup. Some people try and move on and find something, because they are of the belief that the best way to get over someone is to be with someone new. Others go for retail therapy and others just spend their time crying for that lost love.
Getting over a relationship or over someone is difficult, here are signs that you are not over your ex.

10 Signs that You Are Not Over Your Ex

You are stalking your ex in cyber space – You are getting into their emails to see who they are communicating with. You are checking their Facebook and Twitter accounts, just to see who they are engaging with and whether that could be a potential girlfriend/boyfriend. Maybe they have resorted to dating online, and you are trying to figure that out. All these are signs that you are not over them.

You are Visiting Relationship Internet Forums and Talking About Your Ex – You start frequenting these relationship forums and going on about your ex, how much they hurt you and how much of a bad person they are.

You are Going Overboard With It – You are so looking forward to meeting your ex, that you deliberately dress up and you go to all the places that you think you will see him or her. Everytime you see him/her, you pretend to be doing awesome, to be happy and to be feeling good, when you know deep down, you really are dying without him/her.

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You Are Not Interested in Anyone Who Likes You – There are people, great people even, who really like you and would love for a chance to be with you, however you are blowing them all off. No one interests you, the only time you smile is when your ex calls or texts you.

You Are Comparing Every Person You Meet With Your Ex – Everytime there is someone who likes you, you compare them to your ex. And for some reason, they always fall short. Everyone is never as good as your ex was, and that prevents you from even given anyone a chance.

You’re Keeping All Those Little Relationship Mementos  It’s ok to keep the necklace that he bought you for your anniversary, and it’s ok to keep the video card that she got you for your computer. But when you are still keeping the movie ticket remainder from the first time you went to the movies, then it’s a problem. Keeping these little things that you have an emotional connection with is only going to keep you pining for your ex. Let those things go.

It Seems That Everything Reminds You Of Your Ex – Of course there will be things that remind you of your ex, but you should be moving towards thinking about them less and less. You shouldn’t be thinking about your ex every time some song plays, or everytime you go shopping and pass through a shop that they like, or everytime you eat something that you used to eat with them. Those memories will pop in now and again, but those instances should be growing far and far apart.

You Bump Into Your Ex And You Still Long for Them – That situation when you see your ex and remember just hot they look, how much of a great kisser they are or how great in bed they are. Those thoughts should not be entering your mind. Sure,maybe you still miss them and all, but that screams that you are not over them.

You’re Still Having Sex With Your Ex – the two of you are all but broken up, but then you are still having sex with each other. You need a wake up call and realise that you are being used. If you are not good enough to be with your ex in a proper relationship, then respect yourself enough to not continue having sex with them.

You Think That One Day There’s a Chance You Will be Together –  You should never even entertain an idea like this, otherwise it will keep you in that space, opening up to get hurt if it does not work out. Let it go, move on and if you are truly meant to be together, it will happen.

Moving on while you are still in love with your ex is something that will be very hard. You can actually get hurt, you need to take time and process the breakout and actually face the reality that you are not together with your ex. Being with someone new should be the last thing on your mind. Take time and deal with this breakup until you are ready to love again.


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