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10 Things That Change After Marriage for Women




Getting married is a wonderful thing, but it does come with changes for a woman and a man. All of a sudden, your time won’t just be your time, and some of your priorities will change.

It is possible though to have your life and have the marriage of your dreams. Lets look at some of the things that change after marriage.

Things That Change After Marriage for Women

Family and Friends – In addition to the family that you have prior to getting married, you will gain a new family from your husbands side. This means the circle of people you know and have to care for and have in your life has almost doubled. And this possibly means new friendships in the making.

Your place in this world – I becomes we, which means you are half of a team. You are blessed in that you know there is a person in the world that is a part of you, that you can go home to every night and spend time with, share the days experiences with and who cares about you. You have settled down and you are growing.

Your priorities have changed – Prior to being married, it was you who came first. Now, there is someone that you have to consider when you make decisions, someone who is close to your heart, someone whose needs you will have to put before your own, at times.

The Questions – Now its no longer, are you dating, who are you dating, why are you not married, do you want to get married etc. The questions that you will get now will be centered around marriage, what are your thoughts on your children, how many do you want to have etc.

Commitment – When you are in a relationship, for most women there is a high level of commitment. But nothing says commitment like marriage, which in a perfect world is supposed to be forever. The transition from girlfriend to wifey comes with a certain level of commitment.

Your home life– If you are one of those lazy people, you will have to accommodate someone else who is probably more lazy than you are. You now have to share a space with someone, so the way you lazy around the house might be different than what you are accustomed to.

Money – Now that you are married, you cannot just go and buy all the shoes and handbags that you are dying to have. As part of a half, you have to share your money, and expenses, and you may very well contribute to a joint account. So, your husband should have a say in the money that you spend, especially if it’s against your financial goals.

Your sex life – Whether your sex drive becomes more or less, the passion and the frequency of the sex will probably change.

Responsibilities – After marriage, your nurturing self may come out full force, as you adjust to taking care of your husband and your new family.

Communication – As you get to know each other, and get to the point where you can finish each other’s sentences, you develop a communication level that makes you understand your hubby more.

So, those are the 10 things that change when a woman gets married. These aren’t the only ones, let us know what changes you had to go through after marriage, below.

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