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10 Valentine’s Day gifts for Him 2016


10 Valentine’s Day gifts for Him

10 Valentine’s Day gifts for Him 2016

14th February is a day awaited by all the love birds. However, the advent of February brings desperation for ideas to those wanting to make this day special for their Valentine. If you’re reading this article, look no further. Here is your savior:

1. In this age of technology, hard covered books with beautifully drawn ornaments on them are rare, the type that you wouldn’t want to drop on your feet. If your man is in love with books, you could find the first edition of his favorite book and gift it to him along with a hand written love letter.

2. If you’re a writer, write a poem for him expressing your love. Follow up this romantic gesture with quiet, home-cooked dinner or an evening of live music and dancing.

3. This one is for those adventurous couples who love travelling or, have a few special destinations (can be within the city too). Make chits that contain hints about those special destinations and travel galore. You could give him small gifts once you guys reach each place along with the hint for the next place.

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4. If you’re the creative kind, you could make a time-line for him where pictures and notes will help you relive those memories and maybe, fall in love all over again. A memory jar will be great too. You could also make a small video or arrange for you guys’ favorite movie.

5. The ones who adore food need nothing else but food. So, if your man is one such person, treat him with his favorite dishes from breakfast to dinner.

6. If you’re in a long distance relationship, a surprise visit will be the best gift for him. In case that isn’t possible, send him postcards. A message accompanied by a photo of you both. It’ll be even better if he loves travelling.

7. If your man is fond of watches or shoes, you could gift him one that sharpens his style statement.

8. For the photographers, anything that enhances their treasure, like a new pair of lenses, is the best gift ever. It might burn a huge hole in your pocket though. Instead, you could opt for lenses for his phone.

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9. You could gift him a hamper of his favorite drinks (beer, whiskey etc). This is a pocket burner as alcohol isn’t cheap. If not the drink, you opt for glasses that take his drinking sessions to another level.

10. What could be better than sporting your favorite Superhero T-shirt? Gift your man one and see him light up like a Christmas tree.

For ones worried about what to gift even after having gone through the above ideas, it is the feelings that count. Love is something that has no relation with materiality because memories last, not the gifts.

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