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11 Choices Your Future Self Will Thank You For


Here are tips for happiness that will improve your life a 100%:



Sometimes, life will try and bully you. It will try and push you over, and instead of crumbling and falling, you need to push right back at it. There will always be choices to be made in life, and when it comes down to the crunch of it, make sure you are making choices for tomorrow that you will be proud of and be happy about.

So from this day forth, make the choices that your future self will be thankful for:

1. Choose you – Never ever pretend to be someone that you are in not, because in time you will be tired, and it will wear you out. People will have opinions of you and the things you do, but in the end, no matter how loud they get in their opinions of you, they can never choose who you are. Only you can do that.

2. Appreciate the things you have – Very few of us have all the things that we dream of, however, we need to start appreciating the things that we do have. When you start appreciating the blessings you have, you start to feel more blessed and happy, and life will move to give you more of what you wish you had.

3. Always believe in you and the dreams that you have – Life can be difficult when you doubt yourself. Start today to listen to what is inside of you, listen to your instincts, listen to what your soul is trying to communicate to you. The strengths that you have, acknowledge them, use them. Dare to dream the biggest dream and push for it as hard as you can. The thing that makes you afraid to even think of, go out there and dream it. Do it, know that nothing is impossible, because you have it in you to do it. You CAN!

4. Be positive – Negativity will kill your soul, it will kill your dreams and it will take your happiness away. Be positive, know that every dream that you have is within reach, know that there is love all around you and everyday is a reason for you to live the very best life that you can.

5. Take action – Happy people and successful people take action towards where they want to be. So, be eager today, let your life be filled with zest, be passionate and be totally productive. Don’t waste another day procrastinating, don’t waste another day trying to get it to be perfect, do it today. Take action and be a winner.

6. Letting go – Let the past stay where it is supposed to stay, in the past. Don’t waste time crying for it and crying over it, because it is past already. It is gone. Why don’t you focus on today, which is what you have, instead of putting your focus where you should not be. Take baby steps if you have to, but today is what you have, not the past or the future.

7. Pick yourself back up – Whatever is happening in your life right now is temporary, the only thing that matters is where you are going. When you get there is all up to you, so never ever give up. Dust it off and keep walking towards where you want to be.

8. Block off and ignore those people full of negativity – These people are everywhere, and you need to avoid them like the plague. Do not let them mess up with your happiness. You definitely are good enough, you are definitely smart enough and you are a beautiful person. Someone out there is looking for you exactly as you are, for what you have to offer and for who you are.

9. Stay connected to your family and your close friends – We all need a place called home, where there is all the love and understanding that we can ever wish for. These are the people who love you unconditionally, so hold them close.

10. Spread love and kindness – Give life what you want it to give back to you. Only you can choose how your day will be, and only you can decide to react to the things that happen to you. Spread love to someone who needs it, and spread kindness to someone who needs it badly. You will be making such a huge impact in someones life and you will make someone smile.

11. “Be the change that you want to see in the world” – Don’t try and tell someone how they should be living their life. Live yours and show them, let them watch how you live your life. Do what you say you will do, have integrity.

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Photo by: Katie Weilbacher

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