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11 Ways to Be Mentally Unstoppable




How to be Unstoppable in Life

Is there a goal that you want to achieve so bad, that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get it?

Having a goal is great, achieving it though is a different story. It takes the really determined to achieve the goals that they want to, and they are definitely in the minority.

In order to achieve your goals, you have to be mentally tough, and you have to make a decision to be mentally unstoppable, because obstacles will come your way, making you want to give up! Challenges will come your way, doubt will come your way, convincing you that it is NOT achievable.

So, how can you make sure that you position yourself  to achieve the goals that you want to? How do you make sure that you are mentally unstoppable, so that you are able to keep pressing forward, even when everything tries to tell you that it is not possible?

1. Are you willing to do whatever it takes – You need to make a serious decision about what you want, and make a commitment that is unshakable. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes, you have to be willing to pay the price and you have to be willing to bear any burden. This is the kind of commitment that you need to make, that will keep you going no matter what you encounter along the way, because without that kind of commitment, you will not be able to achieve what you want to.

2. Don’t expect it to be easy – Achieving something that is worth achieving is NOT easy. There will be days when you want to give up and there will be days when things don’t go your way. There will probably be days when you wonder if all the frustration and sacrifice is worth it? Realize that there will be obstacles along the way, and for the most part, you can’t change that. You can however prepare yourself  by putting together a plan of how you will move forward, should things get tough along the way.

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3. Remember your why – Have  compelling reason why you want to achieve your goal, because when things get really tough, your why is the reason that you will make a decision to keep going! Keep your why in front of you, so that it motivates you when things get tough!

4. Get super detailed about your goal – the reason why most people quit and never reach their goals is because they just don’t get detailed enough about what they want and why they want it. Let your goal be detailed, because you need to be clear about what you want, what you want to change and where you want to go!

5. Start thinking positively about your goals – Lose the negative thinking and think positive thoughts instead! Chances are that there will be a bit of doubt, there will be a voice inside that says that you will not achieve the things you set out to achieve, but you need to learn to silence the negative self talk. Instead, think positively about your goals and talk positively about them. Push the negative thoughts out of your mind as soon as they enter.

6. Create a vision board for motivation – Thinking about your goal is great, but having a visual image of what you want is even more powerful!

7. Be accountable – Get an accountability partner, who will make sure that you push for your goals. Also, surround yourself with people who have already achieved what you are trying to, as they will have tips for you on how to truly make it happen for yourself.

8. Write it down – Write what you want and what your life will be like after achieving your goals. Describe the feeling of having accomplished it and just how beautiful life is like – just like you have already achieved it. It will help motivate you and keep pushing forward.

9. Stop caring about what people think – there will always be people who have an opinion about your goals, and about your life! And it might not always be something positive, so forget about them. Not all people will want you to succeed, and others will discourage you to pursue your dreams. So, block everyone and focus on what you want and where you are going.

10. You will have to make sacrifices – sometimes getting to where you want to go will require you to compromise and sacrifice. Giving up some of your time to pursue your goals is something you will have to do, so give up the pleasure today for a better tomorrow.

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11. Live for today, but focus on tomorrow – the decisions you make today have a lot to do with what your tomorrow will be like. So, live for today but let your focus be tomorrow.

Anything is possible – you just have to be willing to do whatever it takes. You have to be disciplined enough, persevere and have the willpower to not give up!

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