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12 Life Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make




The good thing about having time go by as you live your life is being able to look back and see on the things that you stuffed up on.

If you look back at how you have handled certain things and what you did, you can see where you went wrong, if you are honest with yourself. You can even see what you should have done in certain situations and which decisions could have served you better.

Mistakes though costly, and some do come with a lot of pain, but there is no doubt that we learn from them. Some of the mistakes that we make come from just not knowing better, some are because we lack the knowledge to make better decisions and some because of the lack of guidance.

Here are 12 mistakes that you do not want to make in life, as some will cause you a lot of pain, some will hurt others and some will follow you the rest of your life.

Mistake #1: Wasting time being unHappy

What I love about kids is the pure happiness that they always exude, and they just always seem to know what makes them happy. Even more so, they seem really good at doing things that they love doing. With adults, we seem to get so caught up in everything else that we forget about life, the gift it is and happiness takes a back seat. Life seems long, but it is in fact short. That’s why we need to do what we can to make sure that we are happy, because going through your life unhappy will definitely be one of the greatest regrets that you are going to have.

Mistake #2: Giving Power to Fear

Unfortunately, fear controls a lot of people’s lives. It controls even the things that we want to do, but because of fear of failure, fear of being judged, fear of something bad happening, we constantly give it power over our lives. We fear the future, we fear failing and we even fear attempting the very things that can bring a lot of joy in our lives. Fear will control your life, it will make you live a life less than what you deserve.

Mistake #3: Believing You Are Right

Our beliefs tend to guide us on a lot of things, and most of us tend to feel that what we believe is the right thing there is out there. This causes us to feel we are always right, to the point of undermining others beliefs. The problem comes when we do not even want to listen to other peoples beliefs on things, and as soon as we do that, we rob ourselves the opportunity to connect with someone, we rob ourselves the opportunity to learn and we lose our perceptive. So be open minded!

Mistake #4: Pleasing Others at the Expense of Yourself

Being a great friend, a supporting family member and being a great employee are just some few things that are positive. However, they will become not so positive when you lose yourself in the process. Do not put yourself in a position where you are pleasing someone at the expense of you.

Mistake #5: Complicating Your Life

Life is beautiful, filled with opportunities and sometimes difficult decisions that we need to make. Sometimes, it becomes full, and it becomes a mission to juggle it all. There are complications, there is happiness, there is sadness and there is decisions that we all need to make for ourselves. Do not complicate it further than it is already. Simplify it as much as you can.

Mistake #6: Not Facing the truth

Life does not always go as we plan, and our reactions to that sometimes can be more detrimental to our happiness. When we get hurt by the things that happen in our lives, or when people disappoint us or even when we fail to meet what we expect of ourselves, at times we just pretend it did not happen. We hide from the truth and we deny the realities of our situations. No matter how much we try not to acknowledge the truth, it is there and it will remain the truth.

Mistake #7: Giving Away Your Power

Life can get scary, or we can get overwhelmed by the events that affect our lives. At times, it feels easier to just take a step back and give someone power to take over to make the difficult decisions that need to be made. There is nothing wrong with that, it only becomes a problem if you give up your power too often, because this opens the door for someone to take advantage of you or the situation.

Mistake #8: Neglecting Relationships

The people in our lives are what makes life worth living, as through the bad days and good days, there is someone to share with. When we neglect the relationships we have, how do we expect them to thrive? How do we expect them to flourish and grow?  If someone is important to you, let them know and give them the time and attention that they deserve.

Mistake #9: Feeling Guilty

We spend a lot of time feeling guilty of things that we do that hurt others, we feel guilty about the mistakes that we make, and we feel guilty about the things that we do that make us feel bad about ourselves. If you do something that makes you feel bad, apologise and ask for forgiveness from the person involved. And forgive yourself and move on.

Mistake #10: Over-Thinking

Over analysing things and over thinking abut them can keep you on moving forward in your life, as you can get stuck on that one situation. Do not be stuck on something because you are thinking all sorts of things about  it.

Mistake #11: Neglecting Your Body

We constantly eat junk foods, and drink things that do not do anything positive for our bodies. If you want your body to serve you well for years to come, then you need to treat it a little better.

Mistake #12: Not Managing Your Anger

Anger is a very strong emotion, and for some it can lead them to do certain things that they later regret. Though it is an emotion that we are allowed to have, it has the potential of getting out of hand, so allow yourself that time to calm down when you need to, before you react to whatever is making you angry.

Which one of these mistakes can you identify with? What other mistakes can you add to the list that you have had an experience with? Please share with us on the comments and share the article.



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