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13 Ways to Be Irresistible and Attractive


irresistibly-attractiveLet me start by saying: be true to who you are. Be true to what you believe in. Be honest. Be the very best that you can be. Commit to things that are important to you. Run after your dreams. Take care of you, take care of the people you love and take care of those who love and support you. Respect every single person that you come across with. Inspire other people to be the best that they can be. Be kind to everyone whose path you cross.

Love life, be kind to the people in it and in turn it will be kind to you.

1. Do what you know to be right – Most of the time, you know what is right in your heart, so listen to that, especially if what you choose to do has the potential to hurt someone. If you choose to do the wrong thing, knowing very well that it is wrong, be prepared for the wrath of the universe, and you can forget about being happy at someone’s expense.

2. Stop gossiping and judging others – It has been said that small minds talk about people. Don’t spend your life gossiping about people and causing heartache and trouble that is unnecessary. If you have a misunderstanding with someone, talk to them about it. If there is something that you want them to know or if there is something that you do not agree with, tell them to their face. The last thing you should do is to gossip about them and say bad things about them behind their back.

3. Lift someone’s spirits when you have a chance – When you are feeling down, one of the best ways you can lift your spirit up is to lift someones spirit. Seeing someone smile because of you feels so good, you end up feeling better.

4. Encourage those who need to be encouraged – A word of encouragement can go a long way to someone who is going through a challenge or who is dealing with a failure in their life. We all have our lows, and we can use some hope in that instant. Be there for someone who needs to see a little light.

5. Be positive – Think positive thoughts, speak positive things, apologise if you do something to offend someone and forgive someone who needs your forgiveness. Be that positive person that people want to be around.

6. You are unique, embrace it – If you do not love who you are, you will spend your entire life chasing to be someone that you are not. Celebrate the things about you that make you different, instead of fighting to blend in and be like everyone else.

7. Be a gentle soul – You are probably hustling for the life you want right now, but I am here to remind you that great things sometimes happen when we least expect it. Be gentle, spread love and be kind, and the universe will reward you.

8. Let go of the need to be right – You can either choose to be happy, or you can choose to be right. Being right also does not mean that someone else has to be wrong. Sometimes, it is better to just agree to disagree, because there is more than one way to be right. You can own your opinion, without passing judgement to someone, or bringing them down. Let others own their opinions also and give it the respect that it deserves.

9. Be honest and loyal – be loyal to those you love. In any relationship, giving yourself to it should be a priority of yours, and if you say you love them, you should show them honesty and loyalty. Loyalty and honesty is what should be a priority to anyone who says that they love someone.

10. Believe in the person you are – Believe in our purpose, believe in your strength and believe that you have what it takes to navigate through this life and be a victor.

11. Believe in your dreams – keep close all the things you hope to be someday. What you are dreaming of is shaping your tomorrow, and your dreams are alive with hope. Every step you take takes you closer to them, its a day closer to making them come true.

12. Walk the talk and put action in your words – for everything that you want, you have to be hungry enough to do whatever it takes to have it. Put your doubts aside, put your fear aside and do what needs to be done.

13. Embrace tomorrow and the possibilities that it presents – Your past is in the past, do not it let have a say in your tomorrow. Hold on to what you want, and keep your eyes on the goals.

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