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13 Ways to Keep Your Love Alive and Amazing



There are a few things in life that feel as amazing as being in love. It qualifies as one of those experiences that you cannot put into words, and it feels like the English language is lacking in words, just because of the sheer exhilarating experience that it is. The awesomeness of being in love does not even need to be explained in the beginning, and most people can find love. The challenge is to stay in that state of being in love and here is how you can keep your love alive and making it last:

Ways to keep the Love Burning

Learn to communicate clearly

Your partner needs to know how you feel about things, they need to know what you want and they need to know the person that you are. Let your partner know exactly how important something is to you, your body language and your voice also need to reflect how you feel. Do not just assume your partner knows how you feel, because there will be times you will be very wrong.

Exercise some patience with your partner

Communicating clearly to your partner is only the first step. You need to give them time to process whatever it is you have communicated, and just because you have communicated something does not mean that you will have what you want or are wishing for. You need to be patient with them and allow them to get to a decision without being pressurized.

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Give your partner some respect

Respect is very important, and even when there are disagreements in the relationship, the respect you have should be very visible. Even if you do not agree with them, they should still get your respect 100%.

Work on making yourself feel better instead of relying on your partner

If you are going through a bit of a rough patch, do not expect your partner to go out of their way to make you feel better, because they too may be having issues of their own. Try making yourself better to improve your mood and keep your mind off the stressful things that you are going through. Go to the gym, go out with friends, listen to music or do whatever can help you to feel better.

Stand on your own two feet

A relationship that has love is a beautiful union, but never forget that you  an individual also. The more you are in good shape in your life and you are where you want to be and the happiness that you feel, that will allow you to contribute better to the relationship. The more independent and accomplished you are financially, emotionally, socially or whatever it may, the less burden you will be putting on your partner, and the more attractive to them you will be.

 Spend Quality time together

If your relationship is important to you and you care about the person in your life, then you should make some time to spend with them. Make time to go out together, spend time together alone as a couple.

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Make sure that taking care of yourself is a priority

Take care of your body mind and soul. If you are at your best, you will be a much happier person and your relationship can only benefit from that.

Appreciate your partner

It is easy to get used to your partner and their being around that you can start taking them for granted. Make sure that you appreciate their efforts in your life, make sure that you show them just how much their love, care and understanding means to you. Show that you appreciate her and she will appreciate you right back.

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Help your partner with the housework

Step in to help your partner with chores that need to be done. Clean the house, do the dishes, go pay bills, whatever you need to do, help out. Its not fun for them to do it, just like its not fun for you.

Give your partner some space

Though you may be a couple, you both need your space to experience life, to grow and better yourselves. It is also necessary so that you are both able to be with the other people in your life like certain friends that are not common to the two of you and the like. Also, you are bound to miss each other when you are apart, and that will heighten the moments when you see each other again.

Accept that relationships can go through changes and stages

Relationships can go through a lot of changes. Some will make you smile, some may make you cry, just remember that as long as there is love and respect for each other, you will be alright.

Have faith in your relationship and believe that it will work out

Yes, it will not always be smiles or be roses. You probably will go through some situations that will not put a smile on your face, but the important thing is remembering that it will pass in time. Believe in what you have with your baby, and it will last the test of time and difficulties.

Forgive the past mistakes, forget tomorrow and love your partner the best way you know how right now

Whatever may have happened in the past, forgive it. Do not dwell on it longer than is necessary, that you cannot see anything else. There is nothing you can do to change what has happened. Also, do not worry yourself about tomorrow and what it is going to bring. The only thing you have is right now, and you should make the best of it. Live right now, love right now and give your relationship the best of you.

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