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17 Best Diet Tips for Healthy Weight Loss


Diet Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

When it comes to dieting, there must be at least a few gurus telling you what the right thing to do is. There seems to be a million diet tips that can get you losing weight and finally lose those pounds, which can get pretty confusing. I wanted to share 17 best diet tips for healthy weight loss that if you can follow will guarantee your weight loss for you.

Lose the scale – What I have learned over the years is that weight loss is not something that happens overnight for most of the time. So, constantly weighing yourself can be quite discouraging, especially when you do not see the quick results that you were hoping to see. Just make sure you weigh yourself before you start on the weight loss efforts, so that later you can measure your accomplishments.

Increase the amount of exercise that you are doing – This is one of the basic ones. If you want to lose weight, you need to get moving. If you are already on some exercise program, then you need to challenge your body more than you are, to continue your weight loss as you may find that you may have hit a plateau. If you are not exercising at all, you need to start right away, but you need to start really slow, to avoid injury and to avoid being too tired too soon.

Stop eating as soon as you get full – Most people continue to eat even after they are full. It could be because they are distracted, or that the food just tastes too good. Some people have those unhealthy relationships with food, and eat as a form of comforting themselves. Unfortunately, continuing to eat after you are full means you will continue eating calories. You need to listen to your body when it signals that it is full and stop.

Do not ignore portion sizes – If you put more food on your plate, you will be compelled to finish the food or eat more than what you are supposed to, so you need to make sure that you are aware of the portion sizes. The unfortunate part is that combo type of meals are the norm these days, as a burger will mostly come with chips and a soda , and most people just cannot say no. You need to be truly aware of what you are eating.

Stop buying the bad foods – It is easier to make the decision to buy healthy foods, than it is to make the decision to not eat something in your home. If you refrain from buying the fattening foods to begin with, you will not be able t eat it, because it is not in your fridge or kitchen cupboards. So, fill your grocery list with healthy foods that will promote your weight loss efforts.

Stay hydrated – water is great to keep your body hydrated and making sure that you eat less foods than you are supposed to, because you will eliminate the chance of thinking your being thirsty is hunger. Most importantly, staying hydrated will ensure that your body performs better as your organs will also perform better.

Get adequate amounts of sleep – it turns out that not sleeping enough can cause you to gain weight. When you sleep, the body has a chance to be rejuvenated and to cleanse itself, therefore if you do not sleep enough that process is interfered with.

Increase your alkaline foods intake – alkaline foods help you in maintaining a good ph that encourages health and weight loss, so increase your intake of foods such as broccoli, pumpkin, almonds, strawberries, and apples.

Cleanse your body – If you have been eating and drinking the wrong things, then a cleanse or detox might benefit you and get you losing weight quicker. There are many of them in the market from liver to colon to kidney cleanses and others. Determine what will benefit you the best and go for it.

Include good fats in your diet – All fats are not created equal, so you need to get the ones that count in your diet. The good fats have great nutrients that benefit you, and they also facilitate weight loss. Examples of good fats include the fats from avocados as well as walnuts among others. The bad ones are the ones you get from junk foods, butter and others, and these you need to stay away from.

Walk walk walk – Take those 10 000 steps that the gurus talk about. Of course you would get much faster results if you combined this with other exercise and eating healthier foods, but even if you were just to introduce the walking in your life, that alone would make a huge difference. So start walking, devote time to it and do it every chance you get. If you want to really get serious with it, buy a pedometer that will track your steps for you.

Have a positive outlook and expect success – You may be like most people who tried to lose weight for years without getting it to work. What you need is to have the right frame of mind, start thinking that you will be able to lose the weight that you need to. Don’t be defeated before you even start, otherwise you are starting out wrong.

There is no magic pill for weight loss – There must be at least a 1000 diet pills that all claim to help you lose weight and get you to look sexy. Don’t get caught up in the new weight loss sensation, stick to the core weight loss and diet principles, and you will do just fine.

Have a good reason for losing weight – losing weight and doing whats necessary to keep at it is not the easiest of things. However, if you have a compelling reason why you want to or why you have to lose weight, then you will keep at it even when things get hard or when you don’t feel like it.

Start slowly – gradual changes are the ones that tend to stick, and your body does not end up getting shocked. For example, if you find that you drink sodas every chance you get, make a decision to start replacing them with water. Giving it up completely in one go will only lead to your downfall, as you probably will not be able to keep it going for long. Therefore, start small, and cut it down, until your body can embrace the changes that you are making.

Have a support system in place – Let your friends and family in your plans to lose weight. They will hold you accountable and they will cheer you on those days when you need it the most. A gym buddy is also a great idea, because exercising alone can be very boring.

Treat your body well – of course you want to lose weight, but there are things that you do that will add to your body being more balanced and more healthy. Some of these things will directly impact your weight loss efforts, and you should do more things that impact the body positively. Eat foods that contribute to your health positively, take care of your skin, your nails, your hair and these will contribute nicely to the weight loss efforts.

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