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27 Ways to Let Go and Lessen Your Pain


Someone with a lot of wisdom said that sometimes we create the problems in our lives, and we maintain them because we are familiar with them, and we almost feel ‘normal’ because of them. This could be the reason why we find it so hard to let go of them, and we keep the pain close to us.

It is important to learn how to say goodbye to someone you love.

The truth is most of us obsess about our problems and make them the center of our lives by constantly thinking about them. We zoom into them, and we go over what we could have done over and over again. We let them worry us, which only brings more worry in our lives, as well as frustration and desperation.

Life never is simple, at least not for long. There will always be things that make us unhappy, there will always be things that bother us, but every single moment we have can give us the opportunity to let go of it. So, here are ways to let go and lessen the pain:

Let Go Of Frustration with Yourself/Your Life

1. Learn something new, instead of beating yourself down on the things that you do not know how to do.

3. Allow yourself to cry. Its always better and less stressful after a good cry.

4. Channel your frustration, or anger or dissatisfaction to something positive that you can do. Update your cv and get it out there, do something you have postponing, join a gym. It does not matter what you do, but you just need to do something positive.

6. List those things that you have achieved in your life, and make sure that even the small ones make the list. Add to it as you go on in your life and accomplish more things.

7. Get fit, get active, get moving. You can improve your body, health and reduce the stress in your life.

8. Focus your energy on things that you are able to shape, not on people that you cannot control or on things that you cannot control.

9. Express yourself, whether it is through music, or writing or getting your creative juices flowing.

10. Release the anger and the resentment that you are feeling. Let it go, otherwise it will consume you and ultimately destroy you.

11. Give yourself some ranting space. If your anger and bitterness is directed at someone, give yourself some time to cool down before you decide to give that person a piece of your mind. A day two could help you cool down and put things into better perspective.

12. Remind yourself that anger hurts you much more than the person you are angry at. Letting go of it serves you more than it helps the person you are angry at.

13. If possible at all, let the person who is responsible for the anger know how they made you feel. If someone contributed to how you are feeling, then you owe it to yourself to let them know how you feel.

14. Take some responsibility for your part. It is much easier to blame someone for the pain in our lives and the disappointment that we feel. However, you too should take responsibility. Look at what you could have done, focus on that and it just may make you feel more powerful than you do right now.

15. Put yourself in the other persons shoes. Not one of us is perfect, and we all do make mistakes. Maybe you would have done the exact same thing that was done to you, if you had been in the same position. Compassion can go a long way towards resolving the issues in your life.

16. Have a stress ball? Use it. If you feel like punching someone or squeezing someone’s neck, then use your stress ball to let of some of that anger. Talk through it if you need to, make angry faces also. Silly as it sounds, it does work.

17. Remind yourself of the options that you have when it comes to dealing with the situation. You can either take yourself off the situation, you can change it to something more pleasant or you can accept it as it is.

18. Let go of relationships that do not bring positiveness in your life. Learn from that experience and try and find closure.

19. Write your feelings down, even if you end up not showing what you have written to anyone. This will give you some relief, and you will be able to express all the feelings that you have.

20. Acknowledge the good as well as the bad that happened in the past. The past is never perfect, because in life there are no perfect situations. So remember the good and not so good parts.

21. See yourself as the powerful person that you are. You were this amazing powerful single person before this relationship/friendship, and you still are. That person is still there inside of you.

22. Realize that the space you used to share with them is no longer relevant to your current life. So, start creating your new space where you can be happy again. Delete their old emails, throw away their pictures and prepare to live without them.

23. Reward yourself for little things. Every step that you take in letting go is a milestone, so reward yourself for it. If you are going to clean your phone off evidence of her, reward yourself for it. If you are not going to answer when she calls, reward yourself for it.

24. Remind yourself that “Loving yourself means letting go”

25. Spend time with people who mean something to you. This will take your mind off your issues.

25. Replace your thoughts with positive thoughts. Yes, things are not awesome for you right now, but there are still things that are going ok. Thinking about them may give you some hope that you will smile again.

26. Picture your life at least 10 years from now. The stuff that is making you sad right now is not going to matter much in 10 years or 20 years from now.

27. Laugh.Whatever makes you laugh, do it. Watch something funny, listen to something funny or hang out with your friends if they give you the ripples.

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Photo by Charlotte Morrall

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