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3 Signs He Is Lying About Who He says He is



Online dating can be hectic . . . because being online means you can assume any identity that you want. And that is the same with anyone who is out there that you are talking to, they can be whoever they want to be, and that’s what makes online dating scary and almost dangerous.

If you have done any sort of online dating, you must know that people lie, they lie about a lot of things and they lie about who they are. I am in no way saying everyone that is online is lying, but you need to be aware and you need to be cautious.

Here are signs that the guy you are talking to might be lying . . .

3 Signs He’s Lying About Who he Is

He only has one or two photos to share

Pictures and seeing the person you are talking to is huge online, just because that is the only way to know who is on the other end. People have been known to steal other people’s pictures and pass them as their own, so you need to be extremely aware.

The guy you are talking to must have his pics to share, so you can see him, and again, you should be able to have live chats with him. If he is not that keen on doing that, then he’s either not into you or he might be hiding something. There is nothing wrong with trying to make sure he is who he says he is . . . and if he gets offended, beware.

He lives close by, but meeting with him is a mission

If you meet a guy online, and he seems keen on you, then at some point he will be willing to meet. Guys are normally keen on meeting, and if he’s not, then you should be worried. If you two are spending a significant amount of time together chatting, then obviously that means that he has time, or that he can easily make the time.

Yes we are all busy with our lives, and careers and other things, but there is no way someone can be busy all he time. If he keeps making excuses about why he can’t meet, there is probably something he is hiding.

He Sounds too Good to be True

If you look at people who have had bad experiences online, they can tell you that they fell into it because the person was so “sweet”, so “compassionate”, so “understanding” and so forth. If it sounds too good to be true, or he sounds too perfect, then . . . it is too good to be true. Just be careful that someone is not playing with your emotions . . . and don’t just believe everything that people put out there.

Online dating can either be amazing, or you could waste your time and get your heart broken or get really disappointed. Don’t ever feel bad about wanting to know the truth, you have every right to know who you are chatting to.

people can be mean out there . . . remember that!

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