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3 simple choices that will make you happier


How to be happy

Many of us look to things to make us happy. We think we’d be more happy if we got a bigger car, a bigger house, better looking clothes, cooler friends and a million other things.

We always look at things outside ourselves to get the happiness we want, we forget that happiness could be within us. Happiness is very much tied to how we feel, it’s tied to our thoughts and it is tied to the decisions that we make.

Yes, getting a new car will make you happy, but if you are looking to get happy, a happiness that lasts that has nothing to do with material things, then continue reading.

How to be Happy no matter what is going on

1. Appreciate

Be appreciative of your life, be appreciative for the blessings in your life, the people in your life. Whether small or big, show appreciation for it.

Life does suck at times, things don’t always work out the way we dream, and dwelling on those things that make you sad can make you feel low. When you find yourself zooming into the negative things, switch to gratitude and be appreciative of everything else that is going great!

The meal you just had is definitely worth appreciating.

2. Stop and just breathe

Most people, when they are in panic mode or anxious don’t breathe properly. Proper breathing helps us to be more calm, deep breathing can help you relax. So, when it becomes all too much, just stop a moment and take some few deep breaths.

3. Do something that makes you feel good

When you have stress in your life, it becomes easier to just be stuck on that thing and forget about anything else that brings you joy. When it all becomes too heavy for you, just stop. Think about something that makes you feel lighter, that makes you smile or that makes you feel a little happy, and do it. For me, it can be listening to music, sometimes taking a walk helps clear my mind and reading something positive sometimes helps me to not focus on all the crap in my life.

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Find something that works for you and focus on that. Maybe talking to someone makes you feel better. Maybe meditating . . . whatever it is, make time for it.


Life won’t always be kind, but we can all choose how we react.

Be kind to yourself!


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