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3 Simple Ways to Keep her Happy


how to make her happy

If you have a great woman by your side, do right by her. Instead of chasing the next bet thing, why don’t you appreciate the one you have, the one you are with and build a great relationship that makes you happy, and in turn makes the woman in your life happy?

And, no, you don’t have to go and splash out and part with a lot of money. It is a lot simpler than you think.

Ways to Keep her Happy

Keep courting her

Remember back in time when you used to try so hard to get her, to get her attention and to get her to like you? So, since you managed to get her, are you still putting in the effort? Well, not that you should keep the same level of effort, but you should never stop to court her.

Just like before, put in the effort into your relationship, put in the effort into her, and make your relationship thrive.

Surprise her

Cook her dinner, so she finds the food ready one night after work. Get her to dress up and take her to a fancy place for dinner. Her favorite singer coming into town? Get her the tickets to the best seats. Take her food to work during lunch.

Just surprise her and do something that will make her smile. You know her best, you know the things that warm up her heart, and you are in the best position to put something together that will make her heart swell with love for you.

Give her your attention

Yes, you have your job,  you have deadlines, you have your friends and a million other things that need your attention. You are busy, we all are.

But when it comes to the lady in your life, sometimes you just need to clear everything else off your schedule ad just focus on her. And this means that you also need to put your smart phone down.

Your attention means a lot to her, even if you are just listening to her and doing nothing else.

There are many more ways to let her know that she is loved, wanted, desired and appreciated. Think about the little things that she loves and make her day. Let her remember that she found a great guy who cares about her, and remember, when your woman is happy, you will be happy too.

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