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3 Steps to Attract (and Stay Attractive to) Your Ideal Partner


If you are single, I am sure you have wondered how to attract your ideal partner, and if you do have someone, maybe you are thinking about what it takes to stay attractive to the person you are with.

When relationships start and you have just met someone, it is fireworks all the way. The attraction between the two of you cannot be denied, and all you want to do is to spend time together. But as time goes on, things start to get comfortable, boring and of course the person may even become less and less attractive to you.

With so many couples unhappy in their marriages, and singles yearning to be in relationships, being able to attract the person that you want is a skill that most people desire.

The good thing is, every single one of us can learn to be more attractive, and you should know it is not entirely connected to how hot you look or how much money you make.

Whether you are trying to catch someone’s eye,or you are trying to keep your relationship fresh and exciting, here are  . .

Steps to Attract and Stay Attractive to the Person You Want

Create the life you want

You can make yourself happy, and you do not really need anyone to do this for you. Yes, a boyfriend or girlfriend will add that extra thing to your life, but you should have a life of your own, that is filled with laughter, joy and inspiration. No one can do this for you except you, so while you want to meet someone amazing, you do not have to wait around. You can have a full life filled with creativity and fun.

Keep your beliefs in check

To meet someone amazing, you have to believe that you deserve to be with someone amazing. If someone in your life does something wrong to you, or say your boyfriend or girlfriend misses a date that you had planned or they forget your birthday, most people start thinking that they are just not important enough, or the person they are with does not love them. But, what if missing that date has nothing to do with you? You have to have your self worth and think highly of yourself, otherwise you will keep justifying the behaviors of others and you will believe that it is because of you, even when it is not.

Give up resistance

Resistance is when we hold on to past hurts, when we don’t want to forgive something that is bringing us down, when we hold on to things that we should let go of. What this does is that it keeps us in that one place, and it keeps up bitter and resentful, when we should be happy, full of life and vibrant. So, let it go, release it, forgive those who need your forgiveness and let your light shine really bright.

Guys, here are ways to woo her!

Your soul mate is out there, eagerly awaiting to meet you. Just be the great person that you can be, be full of positivity and be open minded. Have fun, smile and soon you will catch someone’s eye.


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