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3 Tips for a First Date


First dates can be very daunting, and most come with a lot of nerves. Of course, we are anxious because we can totally fall in love, or we can meet the love of our soul through that very first date. On the other side of the coin, we can find that it goes very bad, which can in certain cases put one off dating for a while.

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On a serious note, dating can lead you to your soul mate.

Some dates can look more like job interviews, where you ask too many questions to your date, until they feel nervous, kind of the same kind of nervousness they feel for an interview. Not good!

There are certain things that can lead to a successful date, and one of those things is listening to what your date is saying, instead of just bombarding them with questions.

Here are some  . . .

Tips to Help You for Your First Date

Ask Questions

Yes, I know that I said asking too many questions can make the other person feel like they are being drilled. However, asking questions when you are on a date is a sign  that you are interested in the person that you are with. However, make sure that you ask the questions in moderation, otherwise it won’t help the date much.

If your date orders a dish that you don’t know much about and you are interested in, then you definitely should ask them about it. If their career choice interests you, then ask them questions about it.

Pause and give your date time 

What comes with questions should be the ability to hear the answer or response that your date gives you.

Listening is extremely important, not only for dates, but for all relationships and communication. As you communicate on the date or ask questions, make sure that you let them speak, and listen intently. Don’t rush them, let them finish their thoughts and answers, and allow them to ask you questions also.

Be you, be genuine

Most people want their date to like them so much, to the point where they can alter themselves to be more like the person they think their date is into to.

This is dangerous, because for one you have to pretend to be someone else. If you are not who you are genuinely, then you probably will get tired.

Secondly, you will run into issues if they like the person that you have chosen to be, and of course the day you stop pretending, they might realise that they like who they thought you are.

It’s better to be you through and through, this way you never have to pretend and you will never have to feel like you wasted your time.

First dates are there to be enjoyed. So go out there, relax and have fun. Who knows, maybe your date could end up being your soulmate.

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