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3 Words You Should Never Say to Yourself



ditch those words

There are certain words you should never allow to be a part of your vocabulary, because they will paralyze you!

They bring a damp on anything that you are trying to accomplish.

Banish these words from your mouth :

CANT – Don’t ever say it with your mouth, because when you do, whatever it is you are trying to do, you are declaring that you have failed at it before you can even begin. Know that you can and that you are able.

WHY ME – Don’t torture yourself asking questions that have no answers to. If not you, then who? We all have our share of heartbreak and sadness.

IF ONLY – Do not fall into an attitude of pity. Wishing will always be that, just a wish. If you ever want to do better, then you have to make a decision and commit.

The only word you need to propel yourself forward and higher is CAN! Believe in the possibility of you and the gifts that you have.

Remember, you CAN accomplish anything you put your mind to. Anything is Possible!


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