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4 Daily Habits To Help You Stay Positive


habits to keep you positive

Staying positive is one of the great fundamentals of life, and I am sure you have heard it preached, that when you are positive and talk positively, things have a way of working out for you.

It also helps you to be more happy, because even when challenges come, you will be hopefully that things will get better. Being positive opens the door for even more positive things happening in your own life, and will draw in the right people in your life.

Staying positive on a daily basis is something that people struggle with, including me. Because life has a way of bringing in negative thoughts that challenge our happy state, and then doubts enter our mind.

Here are  . . .

Ways to stay positive

Help someone else

When you are feeling low and down, why not help someone else who needs your kindness? This will help shift your thoughts away from your issues, and it will make you feel great about yourself, which will result in bringing some happiness back into your life.

Helping someone who needs it does not take that much of your time, and you don’t need a huge monetary investment. The rewards though can be amazing for the both of you.

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Make a list of everything that you are grateful for

Being grateful, even for the little things will help you a long way. When you are feeling really low, grab a pen and paper and start writing down all the things that you have been blessed with.

From the big things to the small things, let your mind shift from whatever is making you unhappy, to all the things that make you smile.

Write it all down, from the air in your lungs, to the car you have, the clothes you are wearing, the money you have, the food you ate, your house . . . just let your mind go and shift into full gratitude gear.

Remind yourself that things will get better

Life has a way of getting to us with it’s burdens, demands and the challenges that it throws on us. But, remind yourself that things won’t be bad forever, that things will improve, and that you will feel better again.

Remind yourself that things may look bleak at that moment, but that it will pass. Tomorrow is another day, and that difficulty will be a thing of the past.

Have a success list

Think of things that you have accomplished in the past, think of things that you have done great and remind yourself of how far you have come.

Remembering that you have gone through trials in the past, and remembering the accomplishments will remind you just what you are capable of, and that you have survived it all.


There will be days when we feel low, we all go through that.

You must make time to remind yourself who you are, what you have accomplished and to say and do things that make you feel great. If you stay positive, you will find that your happiness stays intact, because you know that it’s just a matter of time before it all passes.

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