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4 Things Men Should NEVER Talk About on the First Date



First dates can be nerve wrecking, unfortunately they are necessary for any guy who is looking for a girl, or looking to be in a relationship. There are certain things that should never even come into the conversation, especially for first dates, such as:

  • You remind me of my mother (only way younger),”
  • “No, really, how many dudes have you slept with? You’re so hot, I bet it’s a big number.”

This kind of talk is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! I hope I have made my point there.

On a serious note, there are certain things that you should not talk about on a first date, like:

Your Exes

Do not talk about your exes on your first date. She should get no mention whatsoever, in fact, you shouldn’t even think about her. You are on a first date to move on with your life and find a great girl, so why are you talking about the past and looking back instead of focusing forward? Your date should not have to take her time to be with you, just so she can hear your account of what went down with your ex.

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How much money you make

Yes, eventually this will be the conversation to have, but not for a first date. Just try and enjoy this date, and really the primary thing is to make the experience pleasant for her, and to make sure that she thinks you are date 2 worthy. Bragging about the money you make will not impress her, unless she is one of those shallow girls.

Your Issues

The emotional baggage that you have from all the girls that did you wrong, that medical condition that just won’t go away, STD’s, manic disorder or whatever other issue you have. We all have issues, and those do not have a place on a fist date. Reserve them for much later, when you know her better and she knows you better.

What a jerk your boss, coworker, ex-friend is

Just be nice, and if you have nothing great to say about someone, just don’t say anything. In fact, you probably have a nice girl right in front of you, that has stories to tell or things to share about herself that she wants to share with you. Why don’t you just focus on her and getting to know her better??

The point I am trying to make is that you really do not want to scare the girl away on the very first date. There is no perfect guy out there, but you do not have to lay out all your stuff on day one. Rather, focus on enjoying the date with her, make it into a pleasant date. That’s how you score your way to date number two.

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