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4 Things to Remember When Life Feels Hopeless


Things to Remember When Life Feels Hopeless

Things to Remember When Life Feels Hopeless

Life is definitely not a bed of roses. It can get rough and cruel to you to such an extent that you hit rock bottom and feel devoid of any hope in life. Such time invoke so much negativity inside us that even suicide seems a viable option. At these times, you need to focus all your strengths and positivity to help you pull yourself up and start life all over again. Below mentioned are four reminders that can aid you get more resilient.

Nothing is as bad as it may look or feel

We often look at the hurricane creating havoc in our lives with tainted glass. Blowing it out of proportion and over dramatization comes naturally. However, if we rationally take stock of things with a positive outlook, it would no longer appear so bad. This is because avenues, however small are always present to pull us out of the crisis. We simply have to search it and grasp it.

You have the inherent power to change your life

Life is never static. To tackle its rough side, God has endowed every individual to change their own life. You simple need to believe in it and make the effort to change it for the better. While other people can lend their support and help, ultimately, it is exclusively you who can change your own life.

Success takes time

Success is not something that you purchase in a market. If you have failed, it does not imply that you can never succeed. It simply means that you need to restart all over again and avoid the mistakes that you did in the first round. Ultimately success is yours. But this takes time and one should be persistent and consistent enough to ensure that success is the only option left. Never compare yourself since each success story is different like the time taken to achieve it. If you are working hard enough towards your goal, there is no reason that success will evade you.

Look at people less fortunate than you

Whenever you feel that life has given you the worst treatment possible; try looking at people who are less fortunate than you. Their dismal state will inadvertently help you understand the advantage your situation has over them and you would unconsciously appreciate it. This will go a long way in helping you get things in perspective and feel blessed with all the advantages left in your life. This positive feeling is going to ignite several other positive powers within you and renew with enough strength to fight back and of course get back on the winning road.


Once you understand not to cry over what you don’t have but appreciate what you have, you gain a positive energy and strength that can easily pull you out of the gloomiest of situation.

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