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4 Tips To Stop Saying Things You Wish You Could Take Back


how to stop saying things you wish you could take back

How to Stop Saying Things You Wish You Could Take Back

Are you one of those people who can get into a fight, not physically, but just with your mouth? Do you find that it is difficult to communicate, so much so that you end up saying things you don’t mean, things that hurt the other person that you can never take back?

Arguments are not ok, most of us end up saying horrible things. Things that you regret and things that weigh heavily on your heart.  At times, you can’t even remember how the stupid fight started.

Can you relate to what I am saying? Have you said things that hurt someone, that you wish you could take back?

I am sure you have . . . and I can tell you that I have done it a lot of times. I don’t want to blame it on the stress but I know that it plays a role.

Sometimes, life can get really crazy that we react to certain things or certain people without being thoughtful and not thinking how it may affect the person that we are talking to.

We all deal with stress, and life can throw us in a million different directions which may leave us completely frustrated, BUT there is NO EXCUSE for behaving and saying things that are insensitive and hurtful.

So, how do you make sure that you do not say hurtful things, or things that you do not mean that you will only regret later?

Here are some tips to help you:

Shut Up! When you are angry or frustrated or upset, just shut your mouth and distance yourself from the situation. Walk away and calm down first before you open your mouth.

Use the 24-hour rule. This helps a lot, because you do not respond to anything or anyone that has the potential to blow up within 24 hours. Refuse to sound crazy or to say things things will make you like you are not all “together”.

Breathe! Feel yourself getting mad and heart-rate increasing? Just stop and take deep long breaths. Taking long deep breaths will allow the stress levels to drop and you will be calming yourself down and avoiding a situation where you can explode.

Clean it up – You will NOT always keep yourself in check and say only the right things. You will have bad days and maybe even lose your cool, and that’s ok, as long as you take an active approach to it. So, apologise!

An apology is the best thing after you have let your tongue get loose, and especially if you want to repair the damage that may have been caused! As long as it comes from your heart and it is sincere, then there is no reason why there should be a rift between you and the person you argued with.

So, is there someone that you fought with? or said nasty things to? Don’t be too proud, apologise to them right now!

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