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43 Life Tips That You Should Use


Life is amazing, for the most part. Here are some life tips that you should take note of and use in your own life:

1. Give people a firm handshake and make it count

2. If you are engaging with someone, make eye contact.

3. Let go and sing while showering or taking a bath

4. If you are a music lover, own a great sound system

5. Keep close to you the things you want to keep private in your life.

6. Never give up on a situation or on someone you love. You just might get your miracle.

7. Accept help when it gets given to you

8. Step out in faith and be brave. Even if you are pretending to be brave, only you will know that you are scared shit*less.

9. Avoid negative and sarcastic things

10. Choose your life partner carefully, your happiness depends on it

11. Do something nice for someone, especially if they have no clue

12. Give hope to all you meet, especially those who are desperate for it

13. If you are going to play a game with a child, let them win. They will feel great and they will be happy all day long.

14. Give people second chances, and let them earn a third chance.

15. Be romantic, allow romance in your life

16. Be positive, be enthusiastic, you only live once.

17. Loosen up, relax, except for when someone’s life is in danger. Everything else should be treated minor.

18. Never allow a phone call to come and disturb an important moment in your life, or make the person you are with feel that they they are less important.

19. Be a graceful winner, and if you lose, try and be a good loser.

20. If you want to share a serious secret with a friend, think twice. Think about the implications and the burden that you are putting them through.

21. When someone gives you a hug, let them be the first to pull away.

22. Keep everything simple, do not over complicate your life.

23. Beware of those people around you who do not have a thing to lose

24. Never ever burn a river. You might just need to cross that same river again in your life

25. Live your life, so that you can look back without a single regret

26. Be bold and have courage! Do what you want to do, because when you are older you will always regret the things that you never attempted to do.

27. Never throw away a chance to tell someone you love that you love them.

28. Remember, you cannot be an island and exist in isolation. We all need a helping hand, and acknowledge those who are here helping you out.

29. Choose your attitude, never let someone take charge of it.

30. If your friends or relatives are sick, make some time to visit them. A few minutes is all you need to show that you care.

31. Start each day with a smile and some music that lifts up your spirits.

32. Answer your phone with excitement and energy

33. Keep a booklet and a pen with you at all times, great ideas sometimes come at odd times.

34. Give respect to everyone who wakes up to go to work, no matter how trivial their job may seem.

35. Buy flowers for your loved ones

36. Make someone’s day by doing something nice for them

37. Marry only for love

38. Count your blessings, no matter how small they may seem.

39. When you are a guest in someone’s home, compliment the meal and how great it was.

40. Develop your people skills, after all, just about anything in life requires a certain level of people interaction.

41. Life is not fair, so do not expect it to be.

42. Love madly, do not hold back

43. Forgive those who hurt you, it is for your benefit also.

I hope you will use these life tips for you benefit.


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