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45 Life Lessons That Life Has Taught Me


A perfect way to end the dayLife can get really messed up and we can get caught up in thinking about all the things that are not going well in our lives. In fact it can get so crazy that we can just focus on all the heavy things that put a frown on our faces, instead of focusing on those things that make us smile and remember how blessed we are that we are still breathing. So here are life tips that you should take a moment and acknowledge:

1. Life is good, even if it is not close to being fair.

2. If you are doubtful about something, just take the next smallest step that you can.

3. Life is meant to be enjoyed because it can be cut short at any moment.

4. The furthest thing from your mind when you get sick will be your job, and it will never take care of you or visit you or love you. Your friends and family are the ones who will be there.

5. Don’t spend your money on buying things that you do not need.

6. Don’t try to win all the arguments for the sake of winning or being right, choose happiness and peace instead.

7. Cry with someone. It’s more nurturing and healing than crying solo.

8. It’s OK to get mad at God. He understands and he can handle it.

9. Save for things that are important to you, those things that are close to your heart.

10. Make sure you process your past so that it does not screw up your now.

11. Love more, give more and be more.

12. It’s allowed to let your kids see you cry, it’s never a sign of weakness.

13. Never compare your life to another person’s, because you have no clue where they have been or what they had to go through.

14. If a relationship is a secret, you should definitely not be a part of it or be in it.

15. “Everything can change in the blink of an eye… But don’t worry; God never blinks.”

16. It’s true, the things that break your heart but don’t kill you really do make you stronger than you are.

17. It’s never too late to be happy.  It is really up to you and no one can make that choice for you except you.

18.  When you pursue the things that you love or the people you love, no is NOT acceptable.

19. Use your most special candles, use those sheets that you have been saving, wear your best underwear. Do not postpone using them for a special occasion. Today is a gift and it is special, so use them today.

20. Prepare the best way you know how, but go with the flow and be flexible.

21. Be as wild and as free as you want to be. Don’t wait until you are old to do the things that you want to do.

22. Only you can deny yourself the chance of being happy.

23. Approach every challenge with, ” will I even care about this in 5 years?”

24. Always choose to live, choose life, choose happiness. And if you choose them enough times, they will choose you right back.

25. Choose to forgive those who break your heart and those who make you sad. It will be a weight off your shoulders.

26. Don’t give a hoot about what people think of you.

28. Time has the power to heal just about everything. So give it time to work.

29. Whether good or bad, the situation will change.

30. Believe in the impossible. Miracles do happen.

31. God loves you because of the kind of God He is. It is not about anything that you did or did not do.

32. When life gives you a chance, show up and make the most of the situation.

33. Growing old is way better than the alternative – which is dying young before you even reach your full potential.

34. Don’t be scared of getting hurt, in the end what matters is that you loved the best way you knew how.35. Don’t waste your time on envy. Accept what you have and stop wishing for those things that you think you want.

36. The best that life has to offer you is still coming.
37. No matter how bad it looks, get up and show up. Anything is a possibility.
39. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.

45. Life does not get given to you in a gift box, but it is still a great gift.

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