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The 5 Big Dating Mistakes That Women Make


dating mistakes women make

Does it seem that you are not having much luck when it comes to dating?

Do you feel like you are having a lot of connections with guys, but those connections never seem to go anywhere?

Perhaps you are making mistakes when it comes to dating, mistakes that are costing you dearly.

If you are wondering what could be making it hard to get a guy you like, here are some of the most common ones.

1. Approach Dating Without Being Open

If you are going to go into the dating scene with a certain agenda, this will definitely present issues for you.

Certain women always have certain things that they feel like they must get from a guy, and without those things women feel like they cannot pursue a relationship further.

This is a mistake that can cost you a great guy.

Dating is a chance to spend time with a guy that you may ultimately connect with. So go in with openness, not an agenda and be open to what may be.

2. Rule Men Out Prematurely

Another mistake that women make is judging a guy too soon, based on a lack of chemistry.

Chemistry is great, it’s beautiful and exhilarating but if you are going to not want to give a guy a chance just because you are not feeling a great chemistry, then that’s sad.

The truth is, in time chemistry will fade away. That’s why you should be open minded to dating that guy who is nervous around you, the one who gets tongue tied when he is around you because he likes/loves you so much.

Choosing a guy just because of great chemistry only is a sure way to end up with a guy that isn’t so great for you.

3. Having A Long Checklist

Most women have a checklist of the things that they want in a guy.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being clear on the qualities that you are looking for in a guy. But let me break it to you, the long checklist of things you want is not serving you, because there is no perfect guy.

If you are going to be rigid and write a long list of things that you want in your perfect guy, you might lose out on a really great guy.

A better judge of the things you want should be based on a man’s character and not a list. If you have a long list, you will definitely sabotage your chances of landing that great guy.

4. Trying too hard

One thing that is true about guys is that most of them love the chase. And guys wanna be the guy in the relationship. Most men do not like being controlled by a woman, or feel like she’s the one who is leading the actual relationship.

There is nothing wrong with being a modern woman, and not needing anything from  a guy, but guys want to feel masculine. If you are going to insist on paying the bill when he clearly wants to, you might make him think that he’s not wearing the pants.

Don’t take his ego away, don’t try to lead the relationship and don’t be too over eager, because that might actually mess it up for you. Most guys just want to feel needed by their women, and they feel good being a provider to the woman in their life. Let him be able to do that!

5. Being an ice queen

Yes trying too hard can push the guy you like away, but so can being an ice queen. Yes, most men love the chase, and yes, most women want to play hard to get, however if you take this to the extreme, it might just push him away. Any guy, after a while of trying with a woman who acts like she doesn’t want him will eventually give up.

Now, you know some of the issues that might make it difficult for you to land that amazing guy. Be aware of these mistakes, and stay clear of them, otherwise finding a guy that you connect with will take much longer than it needs to.

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