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5 Killer Relationship Mistakes to Stop Making Now



Relationships are complicated. When you add on the relationship mistakes that some people make, it makes it that much harder to have the relationship that you are craving to have.

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There are certain things that can pretty much mess up the relationship you have, so be aware of these relationship mistakes that we make:

Insecurity and Being Clingy

This is really one of the worst things that can stop the happiness from flowing in your relationship. By being insecure and paranoid, and having all those terrible thoughts that your person does not love you anymore, and that they have gone on to meet someone else and fall in love with them is exactly what will make then do that. There is absolutely nothing worse than being with someone who is insecure, clingy and controlling, just because they don’t trust the love that you feel for them.

Being insecure makes one very unattractive . . . and it will make a relationship an absolute nightmare.

Being jealous and Possessive

Just like being insecure and clingy, being jealous is a huge deal breaker as well. There is nothing worse than having someone who is extremely jealous, who you have to constantly explain your every move to with the hope that they will believe you. It really makes you want to go out and cheat, so that at least they can be right about all the things that they accuse you of. It’s a complete nightmare, and it’s one of the things that most relationships just cannot survive.

Emotional Outbursts and Tantrums

Sure, you will not always agree with your partner, but screaming and shouting is just not the way to do it. You need to disagree healthily as adults, and be able to communicate our point of view in a proper manner. No one wants to feel like they are a child in the relationship, and screaming and shouting is a huge no-no. You must find a way to calm yourself down when you feel like screaming and get a hold of your feelings of anger and frustration.

Over Communicating

There is absolutely nothing wrong with texting or calling your sweetheart when you think about them, and of course you are going to want to keep in touch.

However, calling or texting every chance you get is not really the best thing. Once or twice a day is ok, but if you are doing it excessively, it might tire them out to no end. You have to be able to read your person and what they think about certain things that you do, and take it from there. If you are doing it, and they are not doing the same, then that is a sign that they are not really enjoying it, and you should cut back a little bit.

Hinting for a Commitment

The problem with hinting is that your partner can just decide not to address it, so you find you have to keep hinting it and hoping that they address it soon, which will be irritating for your person.

If there is something that you want addressed in your relationship, address it. Sit your person down and talk about it, and get the answer you need instead of hinting. It is annoying, it feels like someone is nagging about the same thing . . . not a good thing.

There are more relationship mistakes that we should just not do if we want happy fulfilling relationships. You need to keep yourself in check and listen to your partner, so you will know if you are overstepping some boundaries.

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