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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before you Say I Do



You have decided you want to get married, and now you are having thoughts of walking down the aisle, in a beautiful dress. The thought of getting married is getting you excited.

But before you truly go for it, here are some questions that you should ask yourself, and be honest about the answers that you come up with, because they ultimately will determine how happy your marriage will be.

Why are you getting married?

Marriage is a serious commitment and it should be for love. These days however, people marry for so many different reasons. The question that you should ask yourself is why you are getting married?

Is is because you feel that you are getting old? Is it because you love the person you want to marry , and you are looking for that companionship? Maybe you want to marry for material gain, so you want to get married because they have money?

Ask yourself this question and be truly honest with yourself.

Who are you going to marry?

Once you figure out what are your reasons for wanting to get married are, then you need to find someone that fits that.

If you are looking for love and great companionship, find someone who wants that also, because if you marry someone who just wants a trophy wife, that marriage will leave you feeling empty and sad.

When will you get married?

This question brings up the issue of readiness. You have to be ready to get married, you need to have the maturity for it and you need to know the compromise and commitment you need to truly make it work. Also, it is important to marry someone who is ready to be married, who will also put in the commitment that is required. It is important to take the time to really know someone, because marrying someone you don’t know can be really terrible.

How are you planning to get married?

Most women dream about their weddings and what it would be like, the dress they will be wearing and all that. So, what kind of wedding are you planning to have? Is it going to be a beach wedding, or is it going to be a wedding on a beautiful garden? Is it going to be big or do you prefer a cozy small wedding? Whatever wedding you want, make sure that you will remember it forever. Make sure that it is within your budget, otherwise you will start your marriage without money, with debts, which might be a source of stress for your marriage.

What kind of marriage do you want to have

Marriage is hard work, but it is also beautiful. Give some thought to the kind of marriage you want, and make sure that you have those kind of conversations with your person. You want to make sure that you are on the same page about marriage.

Marriage is serious, and that’s why it has to be taken seriously. You need to take some time and think about it, think about what you want and be honest with yourself.

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