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5 Reasons your cell phone is disruptive for your date


texting while on a date

You are finally on a date with the person that you have liked for a while now and everything is going very well. Except for one thing . . . your phone is busy as h*ll.

There are really 3 choices that you have, 1st, put the phone away and focus on your date. 2nd, put the phone on silent and make sure the messages don’t disrupt your date as they come through. Or 3rd, respond to the messages as they come in, and ruin the entire date.

Now, if you like the person that you are with and you are hoping that something will come from this date, then being on the phone is the worst thing that you can do.

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Here are . . .

5 Reasons to stay away from your phone during your date

Your date will feel like they aren’t important to you

There’s nothing worse than being on a date with a person who is constantly on the phone. This communicates to your date that you do not value their being there with you and that they are really not as important as the conversations that you are having on the phone. Unless the messages are urgent, such as your sibling being rushed to the hospital, then you shouldn’t be on the phone!

Your date will think that you are not into them

Because honestly if you were into someone that you are on a date with, your attention and focus would be on them, instead of the phone. If you are with someone, and your attention is elsewhere, and you are hardly talking to them, your eyes are locked on your phone, the only thing they can take away from that date is that you probably don’t like them. And their only choice would be to forget about you and move on.

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You should be having a conversation with your date, not the phone

The point of going out on a date with someone is to hang out with them, get to know each other a little better and see if you are actually a good enough fit to go on a 2nd, 3rd or 4th date. If you are constantly on the phone, the conversation flow is already broken, because you can hardly get into a topic or listen long enough without you having to glance back to your phone.

Your first impression sucks

You are not showing a good first impression to the person that you are with, and if you are doing that on the first day, chances are that there are more annoying things about you. This is your chance to make the person see you as the amazing person that you are, but if you are on the phone for almost the whole time through the date, then your date will not be able to see that, and chances are that they will want nothing much to do with you after that!

Real connections need you to be present

Maybe you met online, maybe your first conversations were through texting or smsing. The thing is if you are looking for that deep connection with someone, you need to be ‘present’. Being on the phone distracts all that you could share about yourself, or all that you could learn about your date. And would you like it if your date was on the phone the whole time when they were supposed to be with you? I doubt!

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If you are going to go on a date with someone, the least that you can do is to be fully there with them. Otherwise, just don’t waste their time.

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