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5 Reasons to Forgive the Person You Hate the Most


forgive the person you hate

Forgive the person you hate the most

Hate is such a strong word, but sometimes when someone hurts you that deeply, it is possible to get to a point when you actually hate them.

Hurt can go down so deeply, it can destroy, making your heart feel so vulnerable.

So, if you were innocent, if you were the one who didn’t do anything wrong, if you were the one was wronged, why should you be one to forgive?

Surely you have a right to be angry, surely you have the right to hate someone who hurt you so bad, with the intention of destroying you?

The simple answer is: you forgive the person you hate the most for YOU!

Let me elaborate:

1. Forgiveness allows you to learn from every single person that was in your life. Whether it is your family, your boss, your friends, every experience that we have with everyone teaches us lessons about ourselves that we wouldn’t know otherwise. It’s the same with the person you hate, be grateful for the lessons that they leave you with.

2. Forgiveness helps us to stop being a victim. Forgiving someone helps you to get your power back, to stop being a victim.It allows you to take responsibility for whatever your part may have been. Staying angry at someone is the same thing as giving them the power to still make you upset.

3. Forgiveness allows you to give someone the same pardon that you need. The truth is that we are all human beings, and we have all made mistakes in the past and possibly hurt someone who did not deserve it. We all need or have someone out there whose forgiveness we need, so in forgiving others, we open a space where someone that we hurt can forgive us also.

4. Forgiveness creates a space to let go and love. Some situations and some people that we encounter in life are only meant to be around for a season or a time being. At times, they are only there for a particular lesson. Letting them go and forgiving them allows for new opportunities, new memories and it allows the right people to enter our lives.

5. Forgiveness is the ultimate revenge – Revenge does not have to be a negative thing, we can make it into a positive thing, by making sure that we come out better from a negative situation. For someone who hurt you and made you cry, nothing is worse than seeing you happy and focusing on your life, being positive and with a smile.

Forgiveness is not necessarily the easiest thing to do, but it is the best for you, because as you let go of the anger, can you be able to get to the place where you can smile again, where you can be open to new life experiences.

Not forgiving those that hurt you will hurt you more than the people who caused you the pain. So let go and let God!

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