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5 Signs You’re Giving Too Much


signs you are giving too much

If you are going to be in a healthy relationship, let it be a relationship that makes you happy, a relationship that is healthy and a relationship that makes you better than you are.

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A good relationship is one where you are giving a lot, because relationships should be about giving as much as you can. But, you should NOT be doing the giving alone.

When we are in love and we truly love the person that we are with, we tend to want to give a whole  lot. If the person in your life is not willing to do that for you, then there’s a problem.

So, how do you know that you are giving too much?

When you are alone, you smile less and less

If you are happy in your relationship, you will be able to smile from inside because things will be great. However, if you are not happy and if things are not ok between you and your partner, there will be less and less smiles from you.

Just make sure that you are honest with yourself. You can hide the truth from everyone, but in your silent moments, you know what the truth is. Be true to yourself, be true about your situation and be honest about your relationship and how things are.

You Are Emotionally Exhausted

Great relationships are supposed to have you be your best self. The presence of the person who is in your life is supposed to make you happy, energized, blessed, motivated . . . the list goes on and on.

If you are emotionally tired and drained, then there’s a problem. A good relationship is not supposed to make you feel like you have a heavy load on your shoulders.

You are the Only One Making the Effort

If you are the only one compromising in the relationship, if you are the only one giving and giving but never the one who is receiving in the relationship, then that’s not ok.

You should never be the only one giving to your partner, they too should be putting in the effort and giving to you, putting in the effort like you and doing what they should do to make the relationship work.

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Things Would Fall Apart if It Wasn’t for You

In your relationship, you are the one that makes suggestions about the things to do as a couple, you are the one who makes the first move when it comes to the two of you getting intimate, you are the one that tries to get the two of you communicating and other things.

In order to have a successful relationship, you cannot be the only one who wants to make things work. A relationship is a team of two people, both who are trying to work towards a common goal.

You Worry About Losing Them

So you end up giving more and more of yourself in order to keep things working.

If you feel that the person you love is getting farther and farther away from you, a lot of the time you will try to do things to keep them close by and prevent them from slipping away from you.

As you may have noticed, this might have the exact reaction. You might be pushing them away, if you hang on too tight!

Relationships can be work, but with the person you love, it shouldn’t feel like work. Being with your partner should be something beautiful and natural, and it shouldn’t be forced.

Life is a gift, and every moment should be seized. If your relationship is not what you want it to be, then maybe it’s time for a change. Own what you want and what you deserve. Sometimes, you need to put yourself first.

If your relationship is not a relationship that is lacking in the things you want, give yourself the permission to leave. You deserve someone who treats you great, who will put in the time to your relationship and someone who knows how lucky they are to have you.

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