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5 Things Men Need to Learn About Women


Things Men Need to Learn About Women

Guys, most guys at least, find women to be very complicated at least, and they have a hard time understanding what women are about and what they really want from a man or a relationship. I love this quote by Oscar Wilde, “Women are meant to be loved, not understood. ” It pretty just sums it up, women want to be loved, and you as a guy should make sure that she knows she’s loved, and she can feel the love. At least if you want to keep her around.

How she feels is what is important 

You can say all the right things, until you are practically blue in he face, but it matters not what comes out of your mouth. It matters how she feels. Therefore, when you say all the right things, but your actions are saying the exact opposite, you are as good as not saying anything. If how she feels is not connected to what is said to her or about her, then it is not getting through to her. If she means something to you, and you are telling her how much you love her and how much she means to you, then your actions better be saying those exact things.

Women are emotional beings

Part of the reason why men and women are “oceans apart” is because for guys, it is all about logic, and for women it is all about emotion. I am not in any way saying that women are not logical, I am saying that women sometimes do tend to act based on their feelings, not on what they know to be right in their head. Women acknowledge their feelings more, and while men are encouraged to hide their feelings to appear as strong women, women react to how they feel, they verbalize their feelings more and they will act based on how they feel.

Women don’t compartmentalize

A guy can have a bad day at work, and come home and be “ok”, having left that stress at work. Women are the complete opposite. When they have had a bad day, this can be seen in the things they say, the way they look and the kind of conversations that they have. Meaning, her bad day is written in every area of your life, so as her man, instead of telling her to get over it, be supportive and understanding, and listen to what she wants to share with you. Just be there, and not judge her for how she feels.

What women want is not really that complicated

Guys think that women are so complicated, to the point where they as her men can never really be able to give her all that she needs from him. This is really not true. Women and what they need is not some riddle that is hard to decode, they really just want a guy who will love them, respect them and adore them. They need a guy who will be able to listen to them when they share things, someone who will be understanding and supportive of them and the things that they do.

Like you, she is scared of rejection

Yes, it is 2014 and a woman does not need a guy to pay for anything because she has her own money. But, there are still certain things that a woman expects a guy to do, such as pursue her. She is just as scared of being rejected as you are, maybe more, so if you like her, stop waiting for her to make the first move.

Like I said, women are really not that complicated. They just need to have a great guy that can see a great woman when she emerges and be ready to treat her as such.

Remember, the Tao System of Badass can help decide women and help get more comfortable with them.

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