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5 Things to Never Do After Getting Dumped



When it comes to breaking up and all that comes with it, even the most composed people can lose it. No matter how rational you are, or how great you are at controlling yourself, a breakup can shake you to your core, to the point where you end up doing things that you don’t normally do.

Though the pain that is felt after a break is devastatingly heartbreaking, there are things that you shouldn’t do after getting dumped . . .

Things to Never Do After Your Ex Walks Out Of Your Life

Don’t Drink Excessively

After a breakup, some people just want to go on a drinking spree, with the intention of forgetting all about their heartbreak and their ex. Unfortunately, though it might seem like you have forgotten it for a few hours, the pain will still be there when you get sober. Also, people tend to do really stupid things when they are drunk, things that they tend to regret in the morning or later on.

Don’t Beg them to Come Back to You

Getting dumped is one of the most terrible feelings out there. It makes you feel unwanted, unloved, unworthy and it does some serious damage to your ego. All these feelings combined with the pain and loneliness can make you want to beg them to come back into your life. Just the fact that someone that you were with and probably even loved has decided to walk away, that can get you to a place where you start begging and pleading with them to give you another chance, But all this does is make you look desperate, and it pushes them away. So, as painful as it is, don’t beg them. Just be strong and watch them leave, you can break down afer they are gone.

Don’t insist that your ex gives you closure

Yes, sometimes it helps to know what went wrong in the relationship in the eyes of your ex. Just know though, that there is really nothing that they can say to you that will make it easier to deal with the breakup. There are no magical words that can make the breakup something that you are eager to go through. You can give yourself the closure that you need, by processing the breakup, dealing with the feelings that come with it, taking responsibility for your actions and really putting it all behind you. Don’t use closure as an excuse to see your ex and to continue talking to them.

Don’t badmouth your ex

This concept of getting back to your ex by telling people how horrible he or she was, is just not the best idea. Sure, you might feel that people should hear your side of the story, but in the end it just makes you look like a sore ex, who is saying horrible things just because things turned sour between the two of you. This makes you look desperate and even justifies that your ex did themselves a favour by breaking up with you. Instead, be classy, keep your dignity and focus on your own life.

Don’t Use Social Media to Air your Dirty Laundry

As if a break up is not enough, you also have the added pressure of watching your ex’s new relationship unfold on social media. The best thing is really to stay away from Facebook or whatever, because if you don’t see it, then you don’t have to react to it. Posting things like, “happily single” just tells everyone that you are trying so hard to make it seem like you are ok, when you are actually not. Just leave it be, don’t get pushed to respond to his/her pictures with their new person. And stay off their timeline, stop hurting yourself.

It’s hard picking up the pieces after the relationship ends, especially if you still wat to be with that person. But remember, they chose to leave you, so do yourself a favour and choose you. If you failed to respark the romance while you were still together, never force to be with someone who is choosing to walk away from you.




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