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5 Things No One Tells You About Getting Married


getting married

Marriage is awesome, at least that’s what some people think. And some think it’s not as amazing as it seems to be. Whether you are excited about it or not, there are certain things that you should know about marriage.

Getting Married is Like a Lifelong Slumber Party

Slumber parties are fun right, a lot of fun indeed. Marriage on the other hand is not always fun, but it can be completely amazing. Here you are with your best friend in the whole world, navigating through life together.

As you know, slumber parties do come to end and everyone has to go home at some point, marriage does not end. After all, you have said “I do” for the long haul. And unfortunately you can’t just run to your place just because you are mad or you are feeling irritated with your better half.

For most of us, when we daydream about getting married and weddings, we think of all the benefits that we are going to experience being with someone we love and being one with them. We don’t always think about what it actually means , or the implications that come with it.

When it comes to marriage, everything shifts from ‘I’ or ‘mine’ to ‘us’ and ‘ours’. That concept is one that should be practiced and honored as the two people becoming one and join their assets.

Conflict is a Healthy Part of Marriage

Conflict is something that every single marriage will see, in one way or another.

What is important is how you will be able to resolve that conflict. Here is a situation where you are merging two different people, who have different needs, different upbringings, different opinions, different feelings and more.

You are forced to look not at just your needs but to look beyond that, and work at working with your spouse to get to a solution that suits the both of you. This requires sacrifice and compromise, and to truly get through the conflict you have, you must be selfless.

There’s More to Your Marriage Than Sex

Sex is great, no one can dispute that. But as amazing as sex is, it is a small fraction of the entire marriage.
It’s beautiful, it’s intimate and of course it’s important, but there is so much more to marriage than just the sex. In marriage, there’s laundry, there’s chores that have to be done, there’s errands, there’s a million other things that have to be done, that are not necessarily significant or make you excited.

It becomes important then to love each other through the mundane things. You have to love each other through it all, whether it’s through the union of sex or through the chores that you have to do between yourselves.

At Some Point, You May Feel Like Giving Up

Marriage can be quite hard at times, and there may come a time when you feel like giving up and walking away from it all. Sometimes you give so much of yourself that you feel like you are all out. You feel like there’s just nothing more that you can give.
Sometimes you get tired of trying, you get tired of forgiving, you get tired of healing or even loving.

It’s in trying times like these that you might want to lean on God, for He is love. His love endures all things and He is the creator of marriage. Allow his grace and favour to touch your marriage, and he can renew it like no other.

Marriage is Not Your Final Destination

There are people who are consumed with getting married, to the point where they feel they won’t be complete of they don’t get married. It’s a great gift and blessing indeed, but there’s way more to life than marriage. Your life is so much more than being someone’s wife or someone’s husband, there’s a bigger picture and you should never lose sight of that.

Marriage is a journey that two people should be on. It’s great to have someone amazing to share life’s greatest moments with, and some things about marriage you learn as you journey along.  Some you learn just like this . . . from those who have walked that path.

*Thanks to all the married people who have shared some light on this.

credit image : www.valdinet.com

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