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5 Ways to Keep a Great Woman


Ways to Keep a Great Woman


Relationships can be crazy hard, if you know what I mean. There are always challenges, even if you meet the woman of your dreams, someone who you really care about and connect well with.

In addition, finding that person that you can be with, and be able to love them and who will love you back, is even harder. When you do find that woman, you should try to make her happy.

If you have a good woman, here is how to keep her, and to make sure that she’s happy:

Improve yourself

Often, when people have landed a good woman and been in a relationship for a while with her, they start getting too comfortable. They stop trying to show her the love that they once chased her for, and they get too comfortable, to the point where they stop making improvements on themselves,. Don’t do this. Women love guys who think about the future, who have dreams and aspirations and who are constantly improving. A good woman will want that for herself, so you shouldn’t want her to leave you behind.

Open yourself up to her 

Women are known for not opening up. But when you are in a relationship with an awesome woman, she does not want to be with a guy who is closed up and who seems cold. Women love emotions, so you should at least let her in. Communicate with her and talk too her about the things that are important to you, things that you are hoping for and things that are bothering you. A great woman will support you and be there for you. And again, communication is one of the things that all good relationships need.

Appreciate her

This is one that is very obvious, but some guys still don’t do it. Please read this article, on how to make her feel special. Don’t just read it, consider doing them for the woman in your life. She is worth it!

Take that extra step

Do that extra thing, you can choose to be a great guy and do something extra to show her that you care, and that you are not like all the guys that hurt and disappointed her. She’s a good woman, remember that, so your actions, not words, will carry more weight than anything you could ever say. Read : How to woo her.

Empower her

Don’t be those guys that get intimidated by a woman who is successful or who is going for her own goals and dreams. If you are lucky enough to have a great girl on your side, you bet she will have ambitions of her own, and she will not just be with a guy just to say she has a boyfriend. While other guys get intimidated, you can be a great guy and empower her, support her through her dreams and goals and empower and encourage her.

Some of you who read this will think this is so small and trivial. But remember, it’s the small things that count. As small as they seem, they will make a huge difference in your relationship.

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