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6 Fat Burning Foods For Women


Fat Burning Foods For Women

For women wanting to lose weight, it is comforting to know that there are fat burning foods for women that can help you lose weight just from eating the right foods.These foods that qualify to be called fat burning foods have calories themselves but can help women burn more calories than those that they contain.

Any woman who is trying to lose weight should be eating these foods on a regular basis.

These foods are great in that they increase the metabolism and burn calories, just from eating them, without having to do extra work.

Women generally have a lower metabolic rate as compared to men, so these foods, if consumed at the right portions, and consumed following a proper exercise routine, will aid your weight loss efforts and get you reaching your weight loss goals faster.

What I love about these fat burning foods for women is that not only do they aid us in weight loss, they improve our overall health and shield our bodies of diseases and infections, so one really needs to include them in their grocery shopping.

Ok, lets get to it. What are these foods?

  • Fruits and Vegetables Rich In Vitamin C – Fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin sources are great fat burners. Fruits that are rich sources of vitamin C include lemons, grapefruits and oranges, and vegetables that are rich in vitamin c are celery, carrots,and broccoli, just to mention a few.
  • Lean meats – Lean meats are already great for you as they are lean, which means you are consuming less fat. Even more great about them is the fact that they are great sources of protein, and protein increases ones metabolism as the body works harder to digest them, and they also aid in building muscle. Muscles unlike fat, burn calories at a faster rate. Fish, turkey and chicken breasts without the skin are super good for you.
  • Low fat yogurt – it is the calcium and the leucine in the yogurt that helps us burn the calories. Not having enough calcium in our bodies encourages our bodies to store fat.
  • Foods containing a lot of fiber – Such foods like berries and oatmeal have a lot of fiber, and fiber helps us stay fuller for longer. The great thing about fiber is that the body will work harder to digest protein, therefore burning more calories.
  • Water – it is not a food per se, but it is great addition to your weight loss. It will help your body in digesting the food that you are eating, and helps in flushing out toxins.

Consuming foods that burn fat is great, for both our health and our weight loss efforts.

However, these foods are only aiders. To have real success in achieving your weight loss goals, you have to include exercise in our daily existence and be on a proper healthy diet.

These foods would be great in getting you a six pack abs, so do buy them the next time you go grocery shopping.

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