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6 Insights About Life That I Have Learned




Life is beautiful, it is such a beautiful gift, however often at times we tend to let it pass us by, because of the pain that we carry and the disappointments of what happened in the past. There are certain things that we should remember through the journey of life, things that will make us appreciate life more, things that will make us believe more and things that will make us realize that there is always hope for every single one of us to do better and to be better human beings.

6 insights about life that you should think about:

1. You are not your mind – This is not to say that the mind is not important or that it does not contribute to the person that you are. Life is the experiences that we go through, life is things that we contribute and it is both things that we can control and those that we can. Your thoughts are just the things that are passing in your mind, based on things that you have seen, that you want, things that have happened to you and things that you are wishing for in your life. Your mind is a part of you just like your arm is, but there is so much more to you and what you can do and what you can be.

2. Life happens in tiny steps, in moments  – This means that everything that happens in life is part of a moment, that you do not have to view life as this huge thing that is happening. You can break it apart into moments, which is less overwhelming. With moments, you can have better control. Instead of focusing on your entire life that is going wrong, you can focus on one area and tackle that, so you can fix what you need, moment by moment.

3. The quality of life that we have is based on how well we deal with the moments that we go through, not which moments take place and which do not – the life you have is determined by how well you deal with all the challenges that you face, or the things that happen that do not go exactly as you planned. It is in how you are going to get up and dust yourself off and start all over again. It is in how you are going to make life better for yourself after those challenges.

4. Life though factual, has a lot of imagary in it – Our lives are imaginary and the reason I say that is because what we believe about life and the things that we expect from it are very much things we think about in our minds, and not necessarily facts. Our wishes are not factual, our wants are not factual and our dreams are things that are borne in our minds and hearts.

5. Our emotions make us biased – what we feel is sometimes very separate to what our life is or the state of our lives. Our emotions are not a very good indicator of how great our lives are going or not, because our emotions can just change in an instant. Even in your high, your emotions can get you down, and that has nothing to do with how well your life is going. So, based on our emotions, they are there to go with the tide.

6. Every single one of us are motivated by the very same things: to have our dreams fulfilled and to stop our suffering – this is really the core in life, that every single decision that we make is based on these two factors. And when someone hurts you or someone does something that you don’t like, cut them some slack, and especially if you know hats behind it.

These are just insights that I have observed or seen in life. If you liked it, share them with others, or share your insights that you have noticed in your own life.
Photo by: Tony Fischer

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