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6 Signs He is The Real Deal


hes the real deal

As a woman who has been in the dating game for a while, you may have come across a few players in your life, and now you may even know how to spot them from afar.

And yes, the way a guy treats you and the way he acts when you are around or when he has to do something that he has to do matters a lot. But , it also matters the things he does when he is not around you, it matters what his character is like and it matters the things he does when he thinks you wont find out.

Here is:

How to Know he is the Real Deal

He’s not too rigid in his ways

Women love men who are confident, strong and stand their ground. However, every great man wants to keep improving himself, and he wants to learn and grow, and in order to be in a great working relationship, he must acknowledge that he does not know it all. He must acknowledge that his woman has a voice, and it is up to him to hear her, and get to a solution that suits them both and suits the relationship. Not only does it show that his woman means something to him, it shows that he loves her, and he values her opinion.

He is a positive guy

No one wants to be around someone who is negative all the time, and who is always feeling down, making those around them feel down also. On the other side, no one can be positive and bubbly ALL the time, but if he is a positive guy most of the time, then you have a keeper. This is important, because when you are feeling low, he will lift you up and make you smile once again.

He is Financially Responsible

If the two of you are planning to be in a relationship that is long-term and somewhat committed, then you need to make sure that you are on the same page about things. The both of you will have your own money, but if the relationship is one where you see a future, you need to be on the same page about money matters. The money decisions that he makes have to be proper for both of you, and for the relationship that you are in.

He should have his own goals and ambition

A committed relationship requires that the two of you be on the same page about a lot of things, and it also requires that your man has his own goals outside of the relationship. For him to feel like a man, and to be fulfilled and to be happy, there must be things that he is striving for. He needs to have an idea of where he wants to be, where he wants his life to take him and what to work towards. Also, when he has his own things to work towards, he will most probably support you in the things that you want to accomplish.

He gives you your freedom

Freedom to do what you want, to follow your passion and to spend time with who you want to (as long as it does not hurt your relationship). You need a guy who is secure, who is non possessive and who will understand that you have your own life and friends outside of him, and who will encourage you to spend time with your friends. A guy who is going to demand to know your whereabouts all the time is not good for you (just saying).

He Loves and Appreciates You

The guy that you should want to be with is someone who appreciates you, and shows you that they do. Any great relationship needs two people who love, respect and show love and appreciation to one another. And I am not talking about the big things only, I am also taking about the little things, just simple everyday gestures that show you that someone loves and cares of you.

If at times it feels like great guys are hard to find, just remember that there are still out there, and that you will meet them. Just make sure that you are with someone who deserves you, and treats you well because you are special.

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