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7 Biggest First Date Deal Breakers



Looking for the right person to be with is really hard, ask me I know. There are a lot of people out there who aren’t being genuine, there are a lot of people out there who are not being honest about what they are really looking for. So, as you try and look for your soulmate, there will be moments when you feel like you will never find them, and there will be lots of deal-breakers that will make you want to give up, but you can’t. Don’t waste your time on the wrong person, here are some tips . . .

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Stories about the Ex

One of the most annoying things is being on a date with someone who is going on and on about their ex. SERIOUSLY. The purpose of a first date is to get to know someone and have a great time. If their focus is their ex and not on you, then that’s not good at all. I doubt there’s anyone in the world who wants to be on a date with a guy or a girl who is still so into their ex, that that’s all they can talk about. I don’t know about you, but if I am with someone who is more interested in talking about their ex instead of learning more about me, then I lose interest immediately.

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They Rock up Late

It sucks when your date is late, I guess women are more easily forgiven than guys. A guy rocking up late for your date is a huge dealbreaker. Sure, we are busy and have things that we have to do, but if it’s a first date and you want the person you are meeting to feel good about it, then you should meet them on time. If you do rock up late, at least that must be accompanied by an apology, and it should not be a habit.

Dating Etiquette

I am all for people being true to themselves, especially on a date. However, on a first date, one should have good dating etiquette and manners. It would be a terrible date if it was with someone who is chewing with their mouth open, or being out on a date with a guy who went on and on about how expensive the food or drinks were. It’s a first date, you should at least have a great time.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a glass or two of wine or the drink of their choice, but one should never drink enough to the point where they get drunk. That’s a huge turnoff. People should drink responsibly and never go overboard.


Respect is huge, for human interaction, work and relationships and other spheres of life. Without it, a relationship is probably doomed from the start, because the person you are with or dating should respect your views, how you feel, what you say and others things. And you should respect them also.

Self Absorbed

As I have mentioned already, a date should be about two people trying to get to know each other better, to see if they have things in common and to have fun. If someone is just focused on themselves instead of the person they are with, then that’s not a good thing.


Of course it’s not all about how she looks or how he looks, but it plays a big role. I am not saying that your date should go and buy a whole new outfit and spend a lot of money, no, but they should be presentable and they should smell good. Their appearance should be of someone that you want to continue seeing. . .

The thing is, first dates can be the start of something magical, so when they start great, it’s a great memory that you can hang on to for a very long time.

So, let me ask you a questions, what are the first date deal breakers that you have experienced?


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