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7 Dangerous Foods to Eat if You Have Diabetes


For type 2 diabetes sufferers, food plays a major role in controlling this condition. It is important to stay healthy by eating foods that supply the body with what it needs, and of course, it is important to stay away from foods that make the condition harder to manage, or foods that will mess up with the blood sugar balance in the body.

Here are some foods that will not do any justice for you. . .

Foods Bad for those Suffering from Diabetes


Foods that are high in sugar like sweets, cakes, coldrinks, just to mention a few do not have any nutrients that are valuable for our body. In addition to that, they cause a spike in the blood sugar levels in the body, which can cause further complications for you. Instead of eating them, rather have fruit if you are feeling like something sweet to eat. Pears and berries are really great alternatives, as well as other fruits.


Although they aren’t as bad as eating sweets, they are still bad in a way because they too can raise your blood sugar levels. Even though they are dried fruits, the sugar becomes very concentrated when they dehydrate them, so when you eat them, your body gets a rush of sugar. It is better to stick to fresh fruits.

Pancakes and syrup 

Pancakes and syrup are one of the worst things to eat if you are diabetic. Besides the amount of calories in that one eating, the butter that is used contains saturated fats, which can clog up your arteries and increase the amount of bad cholesterol in your body. The syrup is so sweet, it equates to a hole lot of sugar. The combination of pancakes and syrup is just really bad for you.


Of course it tastes really good, and it seems to complete your breakfast, but bacon is not all that good for you. Not only is it too salty, it is loaded with saturated fats. This is bad, especially for diabetics, because there is an increased risk of heart disease. Instead of opting for bacon, or spare ribs or burgers, rather choose lean healthy meats, such as turkey, fish or lean chicken.

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Fruit Juice

This may surprise you, as it does a lot of people. Fruit juice is not that great for you. Sure, it is way better than drinking coke, but it also has loads of sugar in it. Fresh fruit is way better for you, because drinking some fruit juice, even if it is 100% fruit juice, your blood sugar level will spike up.


Most people love them, especially when they come in cheaper when you buy them with that burger that you arecraving for so much. But the fat content in chips is quite a lot, and that’s bad for your health. Because of the deep frying, there is a lot of saturated fats, which increases the cholesterol levels, and there are also a lot of calories in chips, just like in potato chips and doughnuts. So, you are also looking at weight gain.

White Bread

This one should not need me to explain it. White bread, white rice, white pasta . . . all these are bad for you, because they are all made with refined starches. They too when consumed raise the blood sugar levels. So, healthy alternatives are whole grains. Instead of eating white rice, rather eat brown rice, or barley or quinoa.

There are other foods that are not that great for you, like:

  • Full cream milk
  • Cakes, cookies

There are quite a lot of foods that diabetics should eat at a minimal should they choose to eat them, for the most time, it’s better to not eat them at all. If you wanted to not have better health, consider not eating these foods.

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