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7 Signs He Is Committed To You


There is nothing more frustrating than wondering or trying to decide whether your boyfriend is committed to you or not. Wondering can be torture, because it is very possible to get mixed signals from him. So, you are in luck, here are  . . .

7 Signs He is Committed to You

He will pay you attention

If a guy is committed to you, he is not just going to blow you off. He is going to make an effort when it comes to you that no matter how busy you are, he is not too busy for you. No matter how busy he gets, he will let you know that you are important to you.

He will introduce you to his friends

If a guy is in it for the long haul, he will want you to know his boys that he hangs out with. These are people that he is comfortable being himself around, and spends a significant amount of time with, so him allowing you to be around them means a lot.

You will definitely know his family

One great sign that he is committed to you is that he will introduce you to his family and take you to family functions. The day he introduces you to his mother, you must hold that day dear, because guys really like women that they take to their mothers. That will be him letting his mother know that he is getting serious about you and he wants to know what she thinks about you.

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He will give you a key to his apartment

This is one of the biggest signs that he is committed. Guys love their space, and they love their independence and freedom. If a guy is willing to give you a key to his apartment, he is committed to you, because in a way he is giving you permission to come and go as you please. He is comfortable with you being there even when he is not around, and that says a lot about where he is thinking of taking the relationship.

He will consider your feelings

How you feel about things will matter to him, because in no way is he going to want to hurt you. Your opinion will also matter to him, and he will see you as someone who can positively contribute in his life.

He will have eyes for only you

A guy who is seriously committed to you will not play with your heart or your feelings. He will not break your heart by giving attention to other women, or even cheating on you.

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He will talk about the future

Now this is the cherry on top. A guy who is committed to you will talk about marriage and a future. He will want to know what you think of it and he will let you know that he wants the possibility of doing it with you.

These are the signs that he is committed to you and that he wants to take things to the next level. This is definitely not an extensive list, but if your guy is hinting at these, that is a great sign that he wants to move the relationship in a positive direction.


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