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7 Things Guys Don’t Notice But Should


Most guys, unlike women, are not into fashion and style, but you can bet women are into that. Most women that I know love shoes, or handbags and of course shopping.

Unfortunately while women are doing all these things and are looking good, the men in their lives can hardly notice the effort that they put into looking good.

Guys, you need to start to pay extra attention to your woman, so that you can notice when she has just bought new shoes, or if she has just done her hair.

So, here are some of the things that you should notice when your woman changes them.

7 Things Guys Don’t Notice But Should

Her perfume

You should know your woman’s scent, so much so that you should pick it up the second she changes her perfume. It will make her happy to know that you noticed that she’s got a new perfume on and that you picked it up, so say something to her about it.

She’s in a mood

When she’s in a bad mood or if she is sad, she won’t always tell you. You should know her enough to pick it up. After all, most of the communicating that we do is not verbal, so make sure that you pick up little things that tell you that’s she’s not ok.

She did her hair

This is a change that you shouldn’t miss either. Sometimes, she will not do something radical that can be noticed off the bat, sometimes it can just be little changes on her hair, and you as her man should be able to pick that up. You don’t have to know the exact change that she made to her hair, but you should be able to know that something is different.

She bought a new purse

Like I said, women love shoes and bags, so there is no separating them. When she gets a new purse, you can bet that she will put together a very nice outfit for when she carries her new bag, and most probably it will match her shoes. Now, when I say match, I don’t mean if it’s a red bag, then the shoes will automatically be red. It could be 2 colours that compliment each other, or match in a certain thing or other. Your job is to notice this.

She looks beautiful when she wakes up

In the beginning of a relationship, some women will not let the men in their lives see them without make up. So, when she has let you in to that extent, and when she can trust you enough that you will like her the way she wakes up in the morning, then you should notice and acknowledge how beautiful she looks. You should notice all this, and you should give her a kiss when she wakes up, and tell her she looks beautiful.

Guys, it’s all in the little things. When you can notice the little things, you are on your way to being a really great guy.

So, make the effort to pay more attention to her.




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