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7 Things You Should Never Talk About On A First Date




First dates can be tricky for a lot of people . . . for one, they are completely uncomfortable, (because most people are a mess and they are trying to make a good impression and make this person that they are meeting like them) unless you get lucky and you get someone who makes you feel at ease. It can be made more awkward by the kind of topics that pop up, so if you are in the dating game, you just need to know the topics that are just not allowed on a first date.

Here are 7 topics that you should stay clear from.

7 Things You Should Never Talk About On A First Date

Close your mouth – as in, don’t talk too much. I am not saying that you should not try to make conversation, this person is there to learn something about you. But do not take over the conversation. The first date should also be a way for you to learn about your date. So, while you are offering information about you, give the person a chance to talk about themselves as well. 

Sex – It’s a first date, so let it just wait for a bit, it can creep up in the dates that will follow. If your date brings it up, better it is initiated by them, instead of you. Some people might get offended with this topic – especially women (or should I say most women). A sex talk on the first day just seems too much, for the other person to know about your sex life and the number of people you have had sex with. Should the first date works out, and the others that follow, there will be a lot o time to talk about it.

Your Ex – No one wants to go on a date with someone who can be a potential partner and listen to them go on about their ex. This is a huge NO-NO. If you are still holding a torch for your ex, don’t bring it to the date, just sort it out yourself. This is a huge turn – off, unless your date actually asks you. And even then, you don’t have to go the whole 9 yards about it.

Personal problems – please leave your personal issues at home, and a first date is definitely not the place to talk about them. Sure, we all have problems, but for the date, can you just focus on having a great time and getting to know the potential partner? No one wants to hear someone whining about their issues  or how bad life has treated them.

Marriage -It’s a first date, so please this topic is just not appropriate. First dates are all about fun, or they should be. Don’t make it too serious and boring by talking about this topic. If your date does bring it up, keep the answer short and sweet and move on to other things.

Money – Money is quite a touchy subject, and it’s too touchy for a first outing. For women, you sure do not want to intimidate him with your bank account, and for the guys, the woman you should be looking for and be interested in should be interested in your character and the person you are, than your wallet. It’s too early to lay everything bare about your financial status and what you can afford or not.

Negative anything – It’s a date, a first one at that, so keep things light and fun. Don’t bring negative things into the conversation, so if it’s something negative, sad, insulting, mean etc, just do not bring it up into the conversation. Keep it fun and positive.

Now you know, some of the topics that just should not make it to the first date. Focus on having a good time, and whether or not you like this person.

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