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7 Tips for cheaper car insurance


When you fail to compare, and fail to find out what other insurance companies out there are offering, then you will pay a lot of money, for even crappy insurance.

So, whether you have been driving all your life, or you just got your licence recently, here are tips that will help you cut your insurance premium.

Shop around

I cant say this often enough, you have to shop around for a better deal. There is always a better deal out there, and companies are willing to negotiate on this at times, especially when they know what you have been offered out there.

What you must keep in mind as you compare prices, is that you must compare the same type of insurance with each other. Meaning if you are looking for comprehensive car insurance, that’s the quote you must get from all the companies. You can’t compare comprehensive cover from one company and compare it with Third party insurance.

Don’t put all family members in the insurance

You need to put only you as the driver, and perhaps one other person if they will get to drive the car regularly. If you put more people, you must know that will sky rocket the premium monthly, which can turn super expensive.

Take a higher excess

Opt for a higher excess, which means should an accident occur, you will pay more. This is a good way to keep your premiums lower, and remember, if you are not the reason the accident occurred, the excess amount can be paid by third party. Don’t go overboard with this though.

Make sure your car is secure

Make sure your car has all the necessary security features that it needs. Crime is quite high in South Africa, people are hungry and unemployment does not help. As a result, people will do just about anything to put food on their table. If your car is easy to steal, insurance will expect you to pay a lot of money. Make sure it has an alarm, an immobilizer, a tracking device and whatever else is deemed necessary to get the premium lower.

Travel less

If the insurance you take out rewards the kilometres that you travel, then you need to make sure that you cut down your travelling. If you go that route, it’s best to be truthful about the kilometres that you cover in a given month or year.

Park the car in the garage

Especially overnight. Insurance companies do not like cars that are not in a locked garage, and this can hugely impact on your insurance. Make sure that your car is parked in a garage that gets locked. If you have things in the garage, it will benefit you to remove them and make sure that the garage is available for the car to park.

Drive better

I know that you can be driving properly, and someone’s reckless driving can get you in an accident. But, driving properly while obeying all the road rules will help you in the long run to avoid car crashes.

Some insurances even offer to monitor your driving, so that you get rewarded for it.


Car insurance does not have to be terribly expensive. With these tips, you can get a cheaper insurance that gives you more value.

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