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7 Ways to Deal with Toxic People


Being around someone moody and negative is a challenge, as in every relationship and friendship, you will have ups and downs. It is never a nice situation to be around those who expect you to be happy just because they are happy, and they expect you to understand that they are moody when they are. It is always a challenge to have to be the one to adjust your feelings and moods based on someone.

Sometimes, the reason for someone’s moodiness is something that is sad in their life, or because they are dealing with a terrible situation in their life. Perhaps they are sad, frustrated or really unhappy. This is allowed and should be met with understanding and compassion, just because we all have moments like those, where we feel sad and frustrated.

But then again, there are those people that have no business being in your life, just because they are toxic, and all they do is bring you down. These are people that are negative and selfish, and you should not allow people like that to mess up your life.

So, how best do you deal with these toxic people:

7 Ways to Deal with Toxic People

Live your life without them – You don’t need that kind of negativity  in your life, especially when it is coming from someone. Ask yourself if you REALLY need that person in your life . If you have been supportive, and you have shown understanding and you have given them your advice, and they are still negative and seem to want to cause you pain, then you really need to let them go.It is walking away from this type of relationship and friendship that you will be able to shine again and live your best life.

Their toxic behavior is NOT ok and stop pretending that it is – stop making excuses for them and the way they behave, because their behavior is really not ok. You will lose a lot more if you choose to keep that person around, and making excuses to condone their toxicity.

 Speak up and express your views – You have to be able to stand up for you. You have to know that there are people in life that will do what they do just to gain something, no matter who they hurt in the process. Some people can be sour, just because they know that the person they are being sour with will never say a word. So, maybe it’s time to surprise them and let them know that you will not just let someone walk all over you. So, speak up, say what you see and feel and let them know that you are not scared to say what you feel about the situation.

 Put Your Foot Down – Someone who is toxic in your life may attack your dignity, but the good thing is that it cannot be taken away by anyone unless you decide to give it away. Someone toxic will try and pollute everything around them, including the people in their lives, including you, so you have got to be ready to turn yourself away from them. Know that in under no circumstance will you allow such behavior from someone.

Don’t take their toxic behavior personally – of course they will blame you for some of the things that they do and the way they act, but you should know that it’s not you. They will make you feel guilty and somewhat responsible for certain things, but you must know that you should not be taking responsibility for something that you did not do or the way that someone behaves.

 Be compassionate for those that deserve it – Some toxic people are a subject of some unfair injustice, such as having lost a loved one, or feeling depressed because they have a terminal disease. So, yes these people you can show compassion towards , but again, they should not treat you terribly forever. At some point they have to realize that you are there for them despite treating you badly, and therefore should treat you as you deserve.

 Take time for you – Being around someone toxic is not easy, as in time it will end up draining you. So, make sure that you have the time for you, doing things that lift you up and things that remind you just how amazing you are. Get time to rest your mind, and to be renewed and allow yourself to be happy in this crazy world.

Toxic people are everywhere, but don’t let them be a permanent resident in your life. Stand up for you, and let them know that you will not tolerate being treated like a second class citizen.


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