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7 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger


How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Modern constraints have actually made your houses and flats shrink in size. So it’s no surprise if your small bedroom looks nothing but a space out of cardboard. So instead of being a cozy and calm refuge, it feels like a cave with doors closing on to you. However, below mentioned seven tips can actually make it the ideal and pleasurable refuge for you with looking bigger and more functional:-

  • Paint walls in light hue- Dark colors can be oppressive and enclosing in a dark room in spite of being design-friendly. In contrast lighter hues like white, cream, blues, pink etc reflect enough light to create an impression of a larger, airy and open room.
  • Eliminate clutters– Try to decorate your room with minimal items. Use multifunctional items as much as possible to keep the room large and space filled. Like a folding bed which can act as a sofa, recliner chair etc gives you space enough to feel relaxed.
  • Wall mount to the hilt– Try to save maximum floor space by wall mounting. Lamps, lights, racks, Television and even your desktop can be wall mounted. Use floor space only for essentials like bed or bedside table.
  • Opt for mirrored look– Since ages; mirrors are used to give impression of a larger room. Instead of going for wall-to wall, try placing mirrors on closet doors or against a key wall or hanging multiple mirrors salon style to give the room a unique personality.
  • Do away with curtains– Opt for blinds instead of curtains which are only a visual bulk. In contrast blinds provide an uninterrupted vision with clean and neat lines, thereby making the room appear larger.
  • Paint the ceilings– Extending the color of the walls to the ceilings can blur the shadowy lines that often define a space visually. If ceilings are painted white and walls with darker shades, it kind of visually shrinks the space. But same color on wall and ceiling creates illusion of larger rooms by blurring the room’s parameter of start and end.
  • Get the scale right– Choose appropriate furniture pieces according to the size of the room. For instance, a king size bed would almost be occupying the whole room with barely a space for other furniture. Instead a daybed will actually make the room feel like a sitting area instead of a bedroom. Since most of these have storage space built underneath, you cannot help but be grateful for that luxury.

It just takes a little bit of your thought, innovation and creativity to turn a small bedroom into a cozy, spacious and bigger room. It can easily give the room, its own style statement and unique personality.

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