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7 Ways You Can Be Sweet to Her



For some reason, some women find it very hard to get great men, guys that you will not mind taking to your mom or your dad. The good thing is, they are out there, and maybe, just maybe, you are one of the great guys that a sweet and great woman needs to find.

So, here are a few things that a guy can do, that can remind the women that indeed there are still great guys out there, just waiting to get the right woman.

Give up your seat

You should take any opportunity to offer your seat to a woman, an elderly person or a pregnant woman, whether you are in a train or a bus or anywhere where you were lucky to get a seat, and they weren’t as lucky. It is a great sign of respect when you do that, and it shows that you can look beyond your needs and can cater to someone who can benefit more from sitting than you.

Pull out the chair for her 

It’s a very nice gesture to do this for a woman, and she will be reminded that you are one of the few out there. It just shows how much of a gentleman you are.

Open the door for her

Whether you are opening it so that she can get into a car, or you are opening it so that she can get into a movie theatre, it is courtesy to open the door for her and let her go in first. She will feel great about it, and it does have to be limited to your girlfriend. you can do this for any woman in your life.

Call if you can , instead of texting

There are times when a text is totally acceptable, like when you are saying good night, especially if you had called that morning to say good morning to her. But, if you want to, for instance, ask her on a date, refrain from texting. Rather make the call instead of a text. For one, you will be able to tell her reaction to what you are asking, and how excited she is (or not so excited she is).

Compliment her

Women love compliments, and so you should compliment her every chance you get. You can never have a bad day just because you complimented her, if anything she will be glowing and feeling great about it.

Walk her to the door

This works great after you have been on a date. If it’s on a parking lot, walk her to her car. This way, you can make sure that she is safe, and secondly, you can have a chance to say a good bye bye.

Drop her off first 

There is absolutely nothing wrong in dropping her off at the entrance of where you are going, if you are struggling to find a parking space. Not only that, it is especially important to do so when it’s raining, when it’s hot or if she is a bit uncomfortable, like if she is in high heels. It’s an amazing gesture to do for her.

There are more ways to make her feel special.

Being sweet and being a great guy does not make you weak. It’s part of being the best you that you can be.

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