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8 Signs He is a Great Guy



Every girl dreams about being with a great guy and have the love story get completed when they get married and make her dreams of forever come true. Unfortunately, great guys are really hard to find, and with so many women out there, it becomes even more hard to land that guy that can make you happy, and complete your happily ever after.

With so many douche bags out there, here are some tips that will help tell you that he is one of the good guys.

8 Signs He is a Great Guy

He respects you – And he respects all women. A good guy understands that woman are to be respected and treated well. It could be something as giving up his seat for a woman in a packed train, or opening the door for her so she can pass before he does. It could be him pulling the chair for you, or offering his jacket when you are cold, a good guy knows how to behave.

He doesn’t use ugly words when he addresses or talks to you – good guys will not stoop as low as to call you terrible things, even when you argue or if you have irritated him. He knows the power of words, and he knows what they can do to a person he cares about, so he will select his words properly and not call you terrible things.

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He supports your dreams and goals – Does he seem excited and cheer you on when you share the things you want to accomplish? Does he encourage you or does he shoot down the dreams you have? If you have a guy that supports you, and encourages you to go for what you want, he is a great guy. He will support and encourage you, instead of making it hard to do the things that you want to.

He offers to pick up the bill  – though you can probably pay for your own meals or you can afford to take care of the check, you can spot a great guy from that. A guy who will wait for a woman to pay the bill does not have good manners. Good guys know that it’s not that a woman can’t do it, but he understands that he is being a gentleman. Good manners are very important.

He talks positively about his family and people in general – A great guy will not want to talk badly about the family that loves and care for him. If he talks badly about his family, that could be a sign of something fishy. Also, you will hear how he talks about people in general, if he chooses to only see great things about people, then he is good.

He is reliable – If he is reliable and does what he says he will do, he’s a keeper. A guy who is reliable and consistent with the things they say they will do are rare, and when you have one like that, know that he is a good guy. It means that you can trust him and you can believe it when he tells you things, or that he will do certain things. That’s a great guy to lean on.

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He can compromise and he forgives mistakes – Being able to compromise is a great quality for a relationship that will make it work, because one has to compromise in every relationship. Also, being able to admit his weaknesses and apologizes when he has done something wrong is a great quality. If he is able to let go of things that people do to him, and be able to forgive, then he is a keeper.

He is independent or he is working towards that – love is great, but love in an empty stomach is not all that great. So, if he is got the money part together or working towards doing that, that is great because it shows that he is thinking about the future.

Use these tips to help you if you have a great guy, and if you do, be a woman for him. Guys, good guys are hard to find, so if you have, treat him as good as he is treating you.

 Your turn: What makes a great guy in your opinion? Please share below in the comments section.


  • Test Answer says:

    This list is extremely needy. Making the guy pay for everything in 2014 is pathetic.

    • Xihlamariso Khosa says:

      Hi Test answer,

      Don’t just trash the list. Why don’t you contribute to it? What would a guy need to do to make you think he is a great guy and that he cares?

      And correction . . . even if you end up paying (which you can), the guy you are with should show that he is willing and eager to. if he expects you to pay all the time, then he is a jerk of some sort.

      Waiting to hear from you.

  • Ashlee says:

    I was reading through this list and my boyfriend is the opposite of all of these but so am I..so we can be bad people together haha. Sadness.

    • Xihlamariso Khosa says:

      Hey Ashlee,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      This is not a “perfect list”, and I am sure your boyfriend has great qualities . . . so don’t be too sad.

      I know that there are more signs out there that can tell great guys from not so great ones, and I am really looking for you to contribute and tell me what you think makes a really great guy.

      In the end, all that matters is that you are finding common ground, and that you are making it work.

  • Tanya says:

    I am in agreement with the comment regarding picking up the bill. It’s 2014 and really my boyfriend shouldn’t be picking up the bill each and every time we go out.
    I disagree with your reply on the previous mention of this, what the comment was addressing is that we as women shouldn’t expect him to pay every time. There was no mention at all of the boyfriend in question expecting the woman to pay at all so I’m not sure why you brought that up.
    Simply, if the relationship you are in is a good one, it supports equality, which includes both of us taking the bill here and there.

    If men are expected to pay each and every time, then its the same idea that the women need to stay in the kitchen and make men sandwiches for the rest of our lives.

    • Xihlamariso Khosa says:

      Hi Tanya,

      Again, I am all for equality, and I am not saying that the guy MUST PAY every time. I am saying a great guy will offer to pay, even if you end up paying.

      It’s got nothing to do about being in the ice age, it’s everything about wanting to spoil your woman and wanting to sure that she knows that you care. If she wants to pay, just to prove that she’s equal to a man, by all means she will.

      A good relationship is give and take, and its not just about the bill. it’s really about good manners and about a woman being treated as the queen she is. Whether it’s paying the bill or offering to pay the bill, or opening the door for the girl, I really do not see the link to having the woman staying in the kitchen and cooking for the guy all her life.

      It could be the guy offering to take the trash, or doing the dishes, that also means that he cares about the woman in his life.

      At the end of the day, we are all entitled to having our own opinion . . . and this is mine.

      • Xihlamariso Khosa says:

        Updated : he offers to pay the bill every time. for me, that is being sweet, it has nothing to do with control or a guy wanting to be superior to a woman

  • Arthur says:

    We need more great guys…

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